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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

The implementation of social service programs into low-income housing communities.
Sanford, Mark E.
Report 2001 SA57 Public Affairs Library.

This report examines the current movement in federal assistance to low-income families in need of affordable housing and life skills training. This combination of services seems natural and well-suited, given the perceived success, although not formally quantified, of local housing and social service agencies. Historically, housing and social services were not coupled and low-income families had to seek these services independently. This report describes this new way of thinking about social services and federal programs, such as the 21st Century Community Learning Center Program, the NeighborWorks Multifamily Learning Center, Neighborhood Networks, and uses one case study as an example. The outstanding challenge for the government is measuring the success of this new paradigm. If it is showing an increased rate of homeownership and employment due to the programs, then it truly has achieved a higher level of effectiveness.