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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Knocking at the schoolhouse door, educating America's homeless children.
Nhan, Leanne Elizabeth
Report 2001 N4998 Public Affairs Library

Homeless children represent a growing population of segregated students. They are increasingly isolated from America's mainstream public school education system through existing laws, practices, and procedures, and are the population of students most in danger of falling through the cracks of our educational system. This report focuses on the important issue of homeless children and their education. It explores the impact of homelessness on children's educational opportunities, and particularly the adequacy of existing laws, policies, and programs to address educational needs. The report begins with the inception of federal legislation to address the problem, and details subsequent legislative actions and yearly appropriations. Data on homeless children show the growing problem and discussion of federal, state, and local policies reveal the extent of some of the solutions. To better understand the homeless child, the psychosocial and educational impact of homelessness on a child is explored. Finally, barriers to entry and success, innovative solutions, and recommendations for the future are presented. Together, the report provides an updated, comprehensive picture of the current situation facing homeless children.