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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

From Clearance to Conservation: Federal Rehabilitation Housing Policy.
Lilly, Kathleen C..
REPORT 2001 L6284 Public Affairs Library.

The federal housing policy shift from clearance to conservation was significant. The Housing Acts of 1949 and 1954 are important because they change the direction of the housing program. Prior to 1949, Urban Redevelopment was changing the physical and social landscape of American cities. The housing policy shift to Urban Renewal through conservation and rehabilitation attempts to protect neighborhoods from widespread clearance.

While clearance had once been praised a necessary solution to improve housing and neighborhoods, officials recognized that it might not be the best solution. This paper will discuss how and why the policy shift occurred and the significance of such policies. The basis of this study is the 1949 and 1954 Federal Housing Acts. In context, these Acts are part of national housing policies to improve the quality of housing. They also play important roles in the national preservation movement and emphasize the necessity of allowing public participation in government policies.