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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Meeting the Financial Services Needs of Public Housing Residents: A Report for the Housing Authority of the City of Austin.
Lewis, Dianna Lyn
REPORT 2001 L585 Public Affairs Library

This report was sponsored in 2001 by the Housing Authority of the City of Austin, in an effort to identify what methods, if any, might be appropriate for helping HACA residents meet their financial services needs. Specifically, the agency was interested in exploring whether the creation of a Housing Authority- sponsored credit union would be appropriate. The report contains a background review of financial services utilized in low income communities, a survey of services used and desired by residents of the Housing Authority of the City of Austin, and recommendations as to appropriate strategies to meeting the most critical needs of those residents. The primary conclusions of the report are that the Housing Authority should focus on facilitating training in consumer credit repair, providing an alternative to expensive rent-to-own contracts, increasing access to basic bank accounts, and enhancing the availability of consumer credit products. The report also finds that the ideal vehicle for these services would be a credit union sponsored by the Housing Authority in partnership with other local agencies who could provide needed additional support for organization.