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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

US army and peacekeeping operations.
Farinde, Olufunke Iyabo
Report 2001 O9 Public Affairs Library

The United States Army traditionally fights wars. Now, it is increasingly being called upon for peacekeeping operations. This paper explores the effect of peacekeeping operations on the Army. Peacekeeping missions affect Army training, require resources, and decreases readiness. John Lehman, a trustee of the Foreign Policy Research Institute and Former Secretary of the Navy, and Harvey Sicherman, President of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, says that participation in peacekeeping operations makes the Army highly experienced in "politico-military assignments" instead of "warfare." Peacekeeping Operations affect the army positively in one way. Junior Army Officers gain leadership experience they cannot get in their barracks from peacekeeping operations. The US also fulfills its national security interests through it.