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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Medical privacy in the new millennium: federal regulation and Texas law.
Aldape, Joel G.
Report 2001 A121 Public Affairs Library.

This report will examine the right to privacy of medical information. In recent years, public opinion polls have shown that Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about how their medical information is used by various entities such as employers, insurance companies and health Web sites. These concerns are rooted in the increased use of computers and the Internet in the health care sector, which has made it easy to retrieve large volumes of medical information quickly and instantaneously. The ability to retrieve large quantities of medical information creates a potential conflict of interest in the health care sector between patients who want to limit the use of their medical information and entities who want to use patient medical information for business, academic and even treatment purposes. This conflict can only be resolved by enacting laws against unconsented medical record access or dissemination.