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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

United States policy on Bosnia-Herzegovina
Lee, Changsub
REPORT 2000 L5105 Public Affairs Library

The six-year war in Bosnia-Herzegovina posed a unique challenge to United States (US) policymakers. Multiple layers of ethnic, political, and economic interests, interposed among different countries, changing over time, generated the impression that the war was very complicated and similar to the Vietnam war. In addition, Bosniašs distant geographical location and its perceived insignificance for US national interests limited US policy options only to those which appeared to have low costs. This paper examines the sequence of US policy actions during the war in the context of the policy decision-making process. The argument is driven by the division of the war into three different time periods in terms of factors present, followed by a critique and suggestions as to what would have improved US policy actions during the war. The issues of coercive diplomacy and the lifting of the arms embargo are discussed with different emphases at different points.