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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Impact of Immigration in the 21st Century: Challenges in the Workforce and Public Health Sector
Alcoser, Nelsie
REPORT 2000 AL1858 Public Affairs Library

The twenty-five million immigrants who reside in the U.S. and continue to arrive will leave a great impact on the economic, social, and political landscape of the U.S. As we enter the 21st century policymakers and citizens must reflect on the impact of immigration on the U.S. economy. Some policy makers argue that America's past immigration policy is not serving America's needs in the domestic economy, thus immigration policy must begin to meet the demand for a highly skilled workforce. This report discusses current efforts to address this economic need and its ramifications on immigration policy. In addition, the report will address the cost of immigrants accessing the public health sector. The ultimate goal of this report is to evaluate particular costs and benefits of immigrants and provide recommendations that will meet the challenge of continuing America's economic success while benefiting U.S. citizens and non-citizens.


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