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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

An evaluation of the centers for teacher education project
Grayson, Kareem
REPORT 2000 G795 Public Affairs Library

The State of Texas is currently experiencing a shortage of minority teachers. In 1995, during the 74th legislative session, the State addressed this shortage by appropriating funds to five private historically black colleges (HBCU) to establish Centers for Teacher Education. The efforts to establish the Centers and improve the teacher education programs have been hampered by two primary factors; (1) inadequate administrative support from the State, and (2) the HBCU college administration's misappropriation of the State funds. In spite of these obstacles, these colleges have made remarkable improvements. However the teacher candidates continue to fail the State's certification exam. If the Centers continue to produce teacher candidates who cannot pass the certification exam, these education departments may lose their accreditation. The HBCU's are working against the clock to establish the Centers, increase the number of minority teachers and justify the State appropriations. This report will examine their struggle.