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The Relationship Between Surface Transportation Policies and Endangered Species Policies in Texas An Analysis of the Texas Department of Transportationís Efforts to Incorporate Endangered Species Protection into Its Highway Operations
Whitten, Meredith Leigh
REPORT 1999 W618 Public Affairs Library

Transportation policies and endangered species policies may seem to have nothing in common, but actually each has a significant impact on the other. Surface transportation affects endangered species in several ways, from direct mortality to habitat fragmentation. Transportation policies that ignore this will only contribute to a decline in biodiversity in Texas. On the other hand, highways are a vital part of Texansí lives, so rigid endangered species policies will fail. Policymakers must strike a balance between the two. This report examines if these two sets of policies accommodate each other, or if they are on a constant collision course. It describes how surface transportation affects endangered species; outlines federal and state transportation and endangered species policies; analyzes current operations and actions in Texas; and offers recommendations to policymakers.

-- Author's foreword.


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