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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Texas Maternal and Child Health Block Grant (Title V): Opportunities for Enhancing the Texas Title V Program
Wanser, Debra Midgley
REPORT 1999 W188 Public Affairs Library

Title V of the Social Security Act, also known as the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, is a federal and state partnership with a mission to improve the health of all women and children. States have considerable flexibility to develop and implement programs to this end. This report provides an overview of Title V at the federal and state level, including the recent and current focus of the Texas Title V Program. In addition, the report presents a variety of significant federal and state policy initiatives and discusses implications for the Texas Title V program. Based on opportunities created by these initiatives, the report recommends strategies for expanding the Texas Title V Program to address the needs of women and children in Texas more comprehensively.

-- Author's foreword.