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Urban Growth Management and Affordable Housing
Somers, Jennifer Lee.
REPORT 1999 SO545 Public Affairs Library

The objective of this report is to provide an analysis of effective strategies used nationwide to manage growth and maintain housing affordability in urban areas. Developing methods to deal with the urban sprawl issue and manage growth in cities has been championed by a number of economists, architects, and urban planners. These include the work of New Urbanist Peter Calthrope, proponent of more pedestrian friendly communities; Robert Burchell of Rutgers University in New Jersey and his work on the high infrastructure costs of unplanned communities; and Tim Beatley and Kristy Manning and their book The Ecology of Place; an account of various sustainable development approaches being used by communities nationwide. This report intends to build upon these ideas and methods for sustainable development and offer innovative approaches used in various cities nationwide, particularly as they relate to maintaining housing affordability. The report also offers an analysis of additional issues that must be addressed in order to counter sprawl and ascertain economic integration in central/inner-city communities.

The report builds on existing research and investigates new strategies that address both affordability and sustainability in urban areas. The methodologies used include an urban affordable housing and growth management questionnaire sent to targeted government officials, non-profit agencies, private individuals, and organizations nationwide. For this same targeted group, interviews were conducted on best practices and strategies in their cities. The interviews and questionnaires took place in tandem with a search of available literature.

--From the author's introduction.


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