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The Use of Case Management in Coordinating Long-Term Care for Older Adults
Sclichtenmyer, Donna Jean.
REPORT 1999 SCH394 Public Affairs Library

The long-term care system in the United States is comprised of various programs and includes more than a dozen funding streams. As a result, both the funding and delivery of long-term care services is fragmented and clients are often forced to navigate a confusing web of services. Case management is often seen as a response to the combined need for service coordination and cost containment. This report examines the potential role of case management in coordination and integrating long-term care case management and examines how it is currently used both in Texas and other states. It also describes the characteristics of the Texas Options for Independent Living Program in an attempt to determine the role it can play in coordinating and providing long-term care. The development of a statewide long-term care case management system is proposed.

--Author's foreword.


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