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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Policy Research Dissemination: The Latino Higher Education Experiment
Saenz, Victor Benito.
REPORT 1999 SA169 Public Affairs Library

The purpose of this professional report is ultimately to provide a wake-up call to the American community about the ongoing struggles of the Latino student in the education system. Latinos continue to trail every other ethnic or minority group in educational performance and attainment at every level of the educational system. When one considers that Latinos are also the fastest growing population group in the United States, the true plight of the Latino student begins to emerge.

In 1997, The Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUPLR), at the University of Texas at Austin, launched its Latino Education Pipeline Research Project. The purpose of the project was to examine action-based strategies that succeed in improving the college completion rate of Latino students. A portion of the financing for the Latino Education Pipeline project was awarded with the condition of producing deliverables or policy-making tools in the form of policy briefs, presentations, pamphlets, web sites, etc. The reasoning behind the production of these deliverables was to encourage the IUPLR network to encompass a wide audience in the dissemination of the findings and recommendations. Because the Education Pipeline Project is deemed as vital and necessary research to many different sectors within the educational system, it is essential that an appropriate dissemination strategy be employed for the delivery of this information. This task serves as the main crux for this professional report. The challenge is to extract tangible policy-making tools from a qualitative, data-intensive research project.


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