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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Christian Coalition: Mixing Religion and Politics
Mayton, Erin Nicole.
REPORT 1999 M4555 Public Affairs Library

This report surveys the Christian Coalition from its beginnings to the present. It addresses the Coalition's history and involvement in the American political system, as well as the extent to which federal law governs the group's participation in the political process. Chapter one examines the history of the Coalition, providing the reader with background information on the development of its organization and leadership. Chapter two explores the arguments often used by the religious right and its rivals to support or oppose the political involvement of religion. Chapter two also discusses the pro-family issues which are important to the Coalition and its members. Chapter three outlines the political strategy implemented by the Coalition and its effectiveness in various local and national elections. Chapter four addresses the legal issues facing the Coalition, analyzing the possible outcomes. Chapter five concludes the report with an analysis of the future of the Christian Coalition, including its strategy and the problems likely to surface in the new millennium.

The overall objective of this report is to document the first decade in the life of the Christian Coalition and evaluate its influence on public policy. It is evident that the Coalition's recent involvement in the American political arena poses a real threat to the liberal agenda, which has dominated the country's public policy during the last half of the century. While many people believe the Christian Coalition and its members are harmless, ignorant and/or marginal, this report tells a different story. Rather, the Christian Coalition is an extremely powerful political organization, potentially dangerous to the foundations of democracy and to the meaning of religion in our society.


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