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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Pacific Thunder
Keitz, Daniel McLeod
REPORT 1999 K2695 Public Affairs Library

Tawain is the potential semiconductor superpower. As number four in the world, the island nation has set its sights on overtaking number three (Korea), and in all likelihood, will not stop there. HOw did such a small island nation manage to accomplish so much in such a little amount of time?

Between the rich history of its politics and business, Taiwan has managed to evoke metamorphism and change itself from serving as a colonial stepchild tohe traditional imperial houses of Asia; and into an industirial and economic leader of the new millenium -- all in fifty short years. Beginning its modern history by experiencing the horrors of world war and foreign occupation, this unique island nation completes the century as one of the principal drivers in high-technology, its factories producing products that will continue to fuel the information age for decades to come.