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Increasing Health Insurance Coverage to Hispanics in Texas: Public and Private Solutions
Garcia, Olga Oralia.
REPORT 1999 G165 Public Affairs Library

The projected rapid growth of Texas Hispanics has policy officials questioning whether a focus on Hispanic health insurance issues should exist. Both public and private health care providers are increasingly concerned about the lack of affordable and culturally appropriate options in health insurance and are continuously searching for ways to decrease the high number of Hispanics without health insurance. This paper addresses questions related to the increased uninsurance rates and population growth of Hispanics in Texas. The study has three components: (1) to review Hispanics' experience with health insurance by age, (2) to offer policy recommendations on the lack of adequate health coverage for Hispanic adults, and (3) to propose possible solutions for both the public and private health insurance sectors to improve the rates of health insurance coverage among Hispanics in Texas. The problem with the low insured rate among Hispanics is mainly an economic issue but also consists of unique cultural barriers. Therefore, a Hispanic initiative to increase health coverage among Hispanics in Texas should include both economic and cultural components.


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