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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

An Assessment of Limited English Proficient Families in the Even Start Family Literacy Program

Low-income, limited English proficient (LEP) children and adults represent a growing proportion of this nation's population, and they comprise about a quarter of all families served under the federal Even Start Family Literacy Program. The needs of these LEP families appear ideally suited with the purposes of the Even Start program, which aims to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and illiteracy through an integrated program of adult education, early childhood education, and parenting education. Family literacy can simultaneously address LEP families' hopes to learn English, acquire more education, help their children to succeed in school, and ultimately integrate with the nation's economic mainstream. This report will review the literature and research on serving LEP populations in family literacy programs, describe the characteristics of LEP families in Even Start and the projects that serve them, and employ multiple regression analysis in tracing the factors that contribute to better participant outcomes.

--Author's foreword.