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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

The Decreasing Educational Attainment of Mexican Origin Students: Reasons, Implications, and Solutions

By the year 2020 the Mexican descent population in Texas and California will become the majority. Because the educational attainment of this burgeoning population has historically and presently been lower than whites', it is imperative that policy officials examine the consequences which will inevitably occur with this combination. This report shows that the educational attainment of Mexican descent students decreases as generation status increases. That is, the longer this immigrant group and their offspring reside in the United States, the more likely their educational achievement decreases. This phenomena coupled with the population growth of this group is likely to have great affects on the social and economic welfare of California and Texas.

The low educational attainment among this population can be attributed to past and present discrimination in the educational system. This report contends that assimilation based goals are discriminatory toward Mexican descent students, a prominent reason for low educational attainment. Policy makers must restructure the education system so that the needs of the Mexican origin population are met so that their social and economic contributions to these states are maximized for the good of all citizens.

--Author's foreword.


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