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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Hispanic Women in Higher Education

There is very little research on Hispanic Americans, and even less on Hispanic women and their experiences in higher education. This report is based on results from an empirical study of Latinas in higher education who are members of Kappa Delta Chi, an Hispanic-founded service sorority based in the Southwest. Although there are factors that keep Hispanas out of higher education, these women have overcome those barriers, or were not familiar with any obstacles. The factors that most enables these women to enter higher education are based on a strong family foundation, and socioeconomic class. This report corroborates recent studies.

The report begins with an introduction of the topic in chapter one. Chapter two is a review of some of the available literature on Latinas in higher education. The study design and methodology are outlined in chapter three. The basic findings of the questionnaire are presented in chapter four. Chapter five focuses on the quantitative analysis of those results, in cross-tabulation form, and compares these results to national studies. The report concludes with a discussion and a presentation of conclusions in chapter six. Chapter seven is a personal account of my experience in higher education. Appendices of the survey and statistics are included at the end of this report.


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