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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Admission Policies and Admitted Students at The University of Texas at Austin

The 1996 Hopwood v. Texas ruling by the U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals eliminated race-based admission practices at state-funded public colleges and universities and was partly responsible for a decline in offers of freshman admission to African-American and Latinos in 1997 by the University of Texas at Austin. This paper provides a history of UT Austin's judicial cases involving race and admission policy. It examines The University's provisional admission and retention programs prior to and immediately following the Hopwood ruling. This paper also contrasts University admission policies prior to 1996 with the Texas Attorney General's broad interpretation of the Hopwood decision, a comparison of 1995 and 1997 freshman applicants, admittees, and enrollees is included to demonstrate the effects of race-neutral admission practices on the freshmen racial composition at UT Austin. Other controversial admission and enrollment changes implemented in 1997 besides the Hopwood are also reviewed. The study concludes with a summary of each analyses conducted.

-- Author's foreword.