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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

An Opportunity Assessment of the Hazardous Waste Use at the University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas (UT) generates hazardous waste through research, teaching and facility maintenance programs. This report evaluates production of hazardous waste at UT in 1997 and identifies opportunities for minimizing hazardous waste generation and disposal through recycling, waste segregation, and product substitution. The first chapter is an executive summary. The second chapter explores the literature and establishes the regulatory frame work for pollution prevention programs. Chapter three analyzes the hazardous waste generated in 1997 by the Main, Pickle, and Manor Road campuses. Chapter four presents the opportunities for reducing the quantity of hazardous waste produced and potential cost saving. Chapter five is an assessment of the UT and OEHS management of the hazardous waste program. The final chapter provides suggested strategies for implementing a pollution prevention program at UT.

--Author's foreword.


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