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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

The Charter School Movement: A New Pathway to Reforming Public Education

The charter school movement is very recent (since the early 90s). Data collection on the effectiveness of charter schools is in the initial stages, yet writings about the movement are abundant with commentary about the effectiveness of these schools. This report examines the complex charter school movement; its purpose is to provide insight into the fundamental components of charter schools and their effectiveness in education schoolchildren. Chapter one examines trends in public educating reform since 1983, to demonstrate how reformers in the education community progressed towards the charter school movement. Chapter two describes the essential elements of charter schools, the origins of the charter school movements, and includes three case studies: The charter school movement in Texas is the main case study. Chapter three addresses several policy issues associated with charter schools in the context of two research projects: a nationwide and statewide study.

--from the author's foreword.