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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Reversing the Tide: An Economic Development Initiative for Galveston County, Texas

This report seeks to assist the County of Galveston, Texas improve its economic condition by providing an analytical framework for developing an economic development strategy and offering specific development recommendations.

The report begins with an examination of the economic history of the Galveston County. The analysis traces the historical development of the County's industrial structure and offers an explanation for the present economic challenges which face the County.

The next chapter provides an analysis of the present business environment in Galveston County. Drawing from a survey of county business participants, the strengths and weaknesses of the County as a business location are explored.

Armed with an understanding of the types of industries Galveston County could support, the investigation then turns to the question, what industries should the county seek to support. Through an industry screening analysis, a prioritized list of target industries for retention/expansion and attraction is generated.

Utilizing an industry analysis framework, one of the industry attraction candidates is examined in greater detail and suggestions for how to approach firms in the industry are offered.

The final chapter summarizes the findings and offers recommendations for how to strengthen the competitve environment in Galveston County.

-- Author's foreword.