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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

The Role of CDCs and Other CBOs in Texas' Workforce Development System

In this report, the author examines the roles that CDCs and other CBOs do and might play in Texas' workforce development system. The report begins with a discussion of workforce development as an anti-poverty strategy and a description of the problems that characterize many government programs. It then recounts the history and promise of CDCs and other CBOs in general, and with regard to workforce development in particular. After briefly discussing the current policy context, the author presents several case studies and information gathered from survey and interview respondents to suggest the roles that CDCs and other CBOs might be best suited to play. The author concludes that community-based organizations are and can be involved in Texas' workforce system in numerous ways--despite challenges presented by recent policy changes--but that the precise service(s) an organization should provide depends on both its capacity and on the local context.

-- Author's foreword.