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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Implementing Technology in Schools: A Case Study of the Austin Independent School District

Policies to equip U.S. elementary and secondary schools with emerging technologies have grown in part out of public recognition that technologies such as computers and the Internet are critical to the U.S. economy. Proponents contend that technology will improve student achievement and eliminate instructional inequalities across school districts. Research on the impact of technology in schools offers mixed results. Nevertheless, policy makers are investing millions of dollars to provide technology support for schools. Implementing technology in schools, however, creates substantial burdens for school districts. This report examines these challenges by providing a case study of the Austin Independent School District (AISD) in Central Texas

The report begins with a general discussion of these issues. Chapter Two examines the impact technology has had on the U.S. economy and on elementary and secondary education. Chapter Three discusses federal and Texas specific state initiatives that provide support for technology in schools. Chapter Four presents a historical perspective of the presence of technology in AISD. Chapter Five analyzes the implementation of AISD's technology plan. Finally, Chapter Six presents conclusions and recommendations for AISD and state and federal policy makers.

-- Author's foreword.