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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Analyses on Runoff Trend and Water Meter Accuracy: Case Studies in Water Resources Management

The purpose of the professional report is to show how hydrological and water meter data can be used to draw conclusions related to public water decisions. This report presents two case studies, one based on river runoff data and the other on revenue loss from inaccurate water meters. The first case study is a runoff trend analysis in the Atascosa River of the Nueces River, a key element of Corpus Christi's strategic plan for water management in Texas. This study was conducted by HDR Engineering, Inc. and the result was submitted to Corpus Christi City. Several studies performed by U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and HDR Engineering, Inc. indicated a decreasing runoff trend in the Atascosa River. This study examined the runoff trends with new data to assess runoff using both qualitative and quantitative methods. This study found that decreasing trend could be measured but that it is not statistically significant. Therefore the city of Corpus Christ should maintain the previous water plan and save money by not building another water engineering construction. The second case study is from the Water and Wastewater Utility, the City of Austin, Texas that is responsible for supplying water to all users in the Austin service area. This study was supervised by the Management Service, Water and Wastewater Utility, City of Austin. The Utility was concerned with the accuracy of its water meters, as revenue loss could occur from inaccurate water meters. This study evaluates reasons for water meter inaccuracy, including meter age, total water usage, meter location, and manufacturer. Meter age may contribute to a decrease to meter accuracy, but is not a significant factor. The analysis found the other variables do not show any relation to the meter inaccuracy. The recommendation from this study is that the City of Austin should consider changing its water meter preventative maintenance schedule.

-- Author's foreword.


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