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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

An Evaluation of EPA's Voluntary Programs: A New Phase in Environmental Protection

Chapter one gives background on the definitions of public policy, the evolution of the thought behind environmental protection and the resulting government policies. The chapter also describes recent trends in thought, action, and policy in government, business, and the public. Chapter two describes the values and actions of recent political leaders and the resulting environmental policy decisions. Chapter three develops the evaluation framework for determining if the voluntary programs are successful as alternative environment protection programs. This framework contains two sets of criteria, goals and measurements, and necessary components of voluntary programs. These evaluation criteria are based on both the goals stated at the inception of the program, and the changes or trends in society which are affecting the design of public policies. Chapter four describes in detail and evaluates the 33/50 Program, the Green Lights Program, and the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. Chapter five offers four "lessons learned" from the evaluations which can be applied to the design of present and future voluntary programs.

--Author's foreword.