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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Successful Latino College Students: A Focus Group of the Latino College Experience

The Study of Latinos in higher education has only until recently become a feasible task. Although there has been a burgeoning number of quantitative studies on this population in recent years, there has been little qualitative research conducted on the more personal side of the actual Latino experience in colleges and universities. This report consists of original research conducted on Latino college students from across the country. Through the use of focus group interviews, this report provides a qualitative perspective of Latinos in higher education from their pre-college experiences to the post-tenure track experiences of Latina and Latino university professors. The report specifically examines successful Latino college students for the purpose of identifying which factors contribute toward increasing the college graduation rate of this population.

The results indicate that although there have been some strides made in increasing the enrollment and graduation rate of Latinos in higher education, the recent reversal of affirmative action in college admissions policies in Texas and California pose new threats to this progress. Moreover, the research suggests that many of the problems and issues faced by Latinos in colleges and universities are going to require institutionally tailored policies that operate positively for minority students despite the new legal restrictions in college admissions policies.

-- Author's foreword.


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