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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Lifting the Veil: Stakeholder Conflict and Policy Responses to Developments in Biotechnology

The emergence of genetic engineering has brought about a new era of scientific query and technology development. The quest to discover, develop and manage biotechnology product has begun to challenge the way in which science and society can develop side-by-side.

This report will focus on identifying stakeholders -- key individuals and groups with special interest in directing biotechnology policy -- and understanding how their relationship with other stakeholders and interest groups affects the direction of scientific research, funding priorities, economic incentives and social behavior towards biotechnology discoveries. Secondly, the report will evaluate the social, legal, economic impacts of biotechnology discoveries and analyze the formation of a social framework to support continued advances in biotechnology research. Finally, this report will present policy recommendations designed to safeguard scientific research while building a social infrastructure that guards against genetic discrimination practices as well as environmental, economic and legal impacts.

--Author's foreword.