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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Health Care and the Intranet: The Missing Link

This report examines some of the fundamental forces and trends in information technology and in the health care industry and details current and potential uses of the standards and tools of the Internet to create electronic linkages in the health care value chain. The report covers the basics of Internet technology and network-centric computing in health care. The report presents a common vision for an electronically-enabled system of health care. The report presents a framework for understanding the creation of new value by digitizing the health care value chain and discusses attempts to do so to date. The report details cases of innovative use of Internet and intranet technology across the health care extended enterprise. The report analyzes issues of data standards, information privacy, and legislation as they relate to health care information technology. Finally, the report evaluates the convergence of Internet technology and health care and provides recommendations for health care organizations and governments.

--Author's foreword.