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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Encouraging Low-Income Community Reinvestment and Economic Development Through Public Policy

This policy report presents research into new ways in which the United States is focusing its efforts in the economic development of its low-income communities. Given the reality that government alone has not succeeded in solving the difficulties faced by low-income communities, I will address the following questions:

1) How do government, the corporate community, and community-based organizations come together to encourage economic development?

2) What is the role and responsibility of each and how can public policy ensure that all three actors meet that responsibility?

We need large investments in education and infrastructure as well as a concerted effort to funnel capital into poor communities. All programs, however, must learn the lessons of previous efforts at addressing the issue of poverty. This paper is less about what to do to help the poor than how we are to do it. The restructuring of the current relationship between low-income communities and corporations as well as the relationship of each to the government will be assessed.

--Author's foreword.


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