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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Statewide Family Support Services in Texas: How We can Fight Crime, Nurture Families, and Save Money

Family Support programs have been designed to alleviate and to prevent a variety of problems, such as juvenile delinquency, premature parenting, child health problems, child maltreatment, and low economic productivity. Family support services strengthen the family, which should be a person's best resource. The goal is to make the family independent and healthy. The most successful programs offer a comprehensive array of services, and they are helping many people to end their cycles of poverty, dependence, and hopelessness.

Many family support programs are currently operating in Texas, through both private and governmental agencies. These programs help the Texan community to be safer and more productive, while saving money at the same time. This report advocates that a statewide family support network should be established in Texas, to make it easier for all Texas families to get the resources they need to be healthy and productive. Three specific recommendations are as follows: 1) service providers should be networked for greater communications and coordination; 2) a leadership council should be convened for a strategic planning process for a statewide program for Texas; and 3) a public/private venture should be established to carry out the goals set by the leadership council.

--Author's foreword.