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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

One-to-One Tutoring: A Model for Success

Tutoring is the oldest form of teaching and potentially the most effective. Traditional large group instruction used in most classroom settings is not meeting the learning needs of many students. In recent years, schools have begun to offer one-to-one tutoring as a way to augment learning for students who are not achieving in the conventional classroom.

The first section of chapter one examines why large group instruction is not working well for many students and states the advantages of offering one-to-one tutoring as a solution to this problem. The second section of chapter one discusses the effectiveness of one-to-one tutoring. Chapter two suggests that improving the tutorial services in schools is an important way to meet the educational needs of students and discusses the components necessary for the establishment of a tutoring program in a district or a school. Chapter three presents an overview of several successful tutoring programs. Finally, chapter four concludes with a discussion and some recommendations.

--Author's foreword.