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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Tobacco Regulation: A Primer for Texas Municipal Governments

This report establishes the need for and recommends a comprehensive tobacco ordinance for cities committed to preventing tobacco use among their youth. Research for the chapter delineating the components of this ordinance was done with the assumption that the Clinton Food and Drug Administration proposal would not preempt more stringent local action. Absent a designated enforcement agency and funding to either a federal, state, or local enforcement body, the federal law should fall short of the most effective options described in chapter two. Chapter two and its emphasis on local control should be viewed as the ideal tobacco regulation scenario. Next, Arlington, Texas' leadership in the area of tobacco regulations is described and proposed as a model for cities concerned about youth tobacco use. Finally, an analysis of President Clinton's FDA rule, which preempts more stringent local laws, and recommendations for cities in the wake of this proposal follow.

--Author's foreword.