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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Sending More Students to College: Determining What Works in AISD High Schools

This report is an analysis of the effect of certain factors on the percent of students from Austin Independent School District high schools who will attend college. The factors were selected according to their ability to improve the self-esteem and feeling of incorporation of students. Another criteria for selection was the ability of each school to alter the studied variable independently of the school district.

Chapter one outlines the literature research including support for the assumption that self-esteem and the degree of student connection to the school affect student performance. Chapter two defines and explains selected variables. The regression model used to analyze the differences and determine the significance of each factor was developed in chapter three and interpreted in chapter four. In chapter five I offer my own interpretation and recommendations based not only on the model but also on research, interview and time spent in AISD high schools.

--Author's foreword.