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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Bilingual Education Policy

Today bilingual education policy in the United States is vague at best. From the federal level to the local level one of the fundamental problems within bilingual education is the debate over bilingual education itself. If these resources were earmarked to do a serious examination of the policies in order to build on the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses and ineffectiveness of the bilingual program, the students would benefit. In this report I will explain why bilingual education is important and what effect it will have on the future of the United States.

A discussion of the research pertaining to bilingual education, both those in favor of and those against it, will be presented. A brief history of the program will be followed by an overview of federal policy as well as an in-depth assessment of Texas state policy. In the last chapter the most pressing issues in bilingual education are identified and examined, and policy recommendations are made. Furthermore, specific recommendations addressed to the Texas Education Agency on how to improve the bilingual program are included.

--Author's foreword.