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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Solutions to End the Whistleblowing Dilemma: Legal, Professional, and Organizational Perspectives

Whistleblowing is the act of revealing wrongdoing in the workplace. The dilemma forces employees to choose between remaining a party to wrongdoing and keeping their jobs, or exposing the wrongdoing and losing their careers. Its results are typically destructive to the whistleblower's career and life. Exposing wrongdoing should not impose such great costs on a benevolent and conscientious worker. This report discusses the evolution of whistleblower protections provided by both federal and state law. In particular, this report focuses on engineers and discusses the possibility of creating an engineering union for the purpose of empowering engineers when they have technical disagreements with management. The Challenger Shuttle disaster is presented to examine one such disagreement. This report also discusses the promise of positive organizational dynamics in eradicating the dilemma of whistleblowing.

--Author's foreword.


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