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Green Politics: The Political Practice of Deep Ecology

Green politics is the first alternative political party to address environmental issues as a principal part of its platform. While this is significant in itself, I assert that green politics can only make real changes to the world if the party adopts the principles of deep ecology. Deep ecology is a life perspective and ideology that accepts humans' place as a part of nature, not as superior to nature. Deep ecology stresses ecocentrism, the idea that all decisions and processes should focus on ecological matters first and foremost, and rejects anthropocentrism, the human-centered orientation of the dominant philosophies and practices of the world. Only by considering ecological matters first in all decision-making will humans actually change their environmentally destructive practices. By putting nature first, deep ecology strengthens the ties between humans and nature, and values nature and non-humans for their own sakes, rather than merely viewing them as resources for humans. Accepting that deep ecology is necessary for ecological harmony, green politics, as the political arm of the environmental movement, should adopt a deep ecological perspective as its core foundation to bring about real and lasting change.

-- Author's foreword.


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