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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

The University of Texas Student Health Center: Policy Issues, Implications, and Alternatives

Colleges and universities have been providing health care to their students and communities since the mid-19th century. Since that time, college health centers have evolved from pure infirmaries to comprehensive mental and physical health service providers. Even with this long history of service however, the rationale for the existence of college health programs is now being questioned. College health programs are being forced to reevaluate their position within the greater health care environment.

Recognizing the changing role of student health centers, the University of Texas Student Health Center (UTSHC) staff began a strategic planning process in the fall of 1995. This report examines the policy issues that the UTSHC administration must face as they prepare the strategic plan for the Center. These issues include: financing and insurance, service population needs, scope of services, and quality assurance.

--Author's foreword.