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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

School-to-Work: The Implications on the Educational Mobility of Minority Students

Alvarez, Olga
REPORT 1996 AL86

Approximately seventy-five percent of the current work force does not receive a college education, yet the work force of the future will require a high level of technical skills often obtained by completing a university degree. The School to Work Opportunities Act hopes to address the transition of these students from high school to the workforce by implementing a high performance curriculum which offers an integrated system of academic and vocational skills. The purpose of this report is to analyze how the School to Work Opportunities Act will affect the educational mobility of minority students.

Advocates for the minority community have outlined ways in which the United States educational system can be modified to support the educational needs of its children. Although the School to Work Opportunities Act has defined it goals, the strategy is still unclear leaving many questions by the minority community and others unanswered. Transitional programs already in place are the primary focus for the Act and will provide an avenue for analyzing whether these programs address or can potentially address the educational need for successful mobility of minority students.

--Author's foreword.