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Master's Professional Reports 1980 to 1989


Adolescent pregnancy in Texas : scope of the problem and services provided.
Manor, Elisa Louise, 1965-
REPORT 1989 M317

Algorithms, patent law policy and the computer industry : issues in the patentability of computer software algorithms.
Garcia, Victoria Maria, 1964-
REPORT 1989 G165

The American Vice President : line assistant or senior advisor?
Smith, Michael Charles, 1964-
REPORT 1989 SM62

An analysis of the Korean technology transfer policy : problems and possibilities.
Hahm, Sung-Deuk, 1963-
REPORT 1989 H123

Applying motivational insights to the public sector.
Sharp, John Kevin, 1961-
REPORT 1989 SH23

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge : the oil industry and the environment.
Romero, Carol Marie, 1963-
REPORT 1989 R664

An assessment of the arguments for the 1992 European integration plan.
Lion, Christopher Paul, 1964-
REPORT 1989 L661

Child care and labor force participation.
Shalinsky, Marla Gayle, 1963-
REPORT 1989 SH16

The child support enforcement program in the United States : an evaluaton with some reform alternatives.
Mecca, Frank Joseph, 1965-
REPORT 1989 M464

The Chippewa treaty rights conflict and its public policy implications. Schmidt, Jay Edward, 1964-

Comparison of health care programs for the indigent in Texas and California.
McCormack, Maureen Patricia, 1948-
REPORT 1989 M137

Connotations of industrial development and foreign trade promotion policies on regional economic development : the Mexican case.
Nino de Guzman, Oscar A., 1960-
REPORT 1989 N622

Contemplating the introduction of a value added tax : a political dilemma.
Gilmour, Andrew Phelps, 1960-
REPORT 1989 G426

The costs of foreign aid : the case of U.S. assistance to the Philippines.
Atienza, Venido C.
REPORT 1989 AT47

The Criminal Forfeiture Act V. the Sixth Amendment : is forfeiture of attorney's fees under the act constitutioinal (sic)
Mayes, Robert Issac, Jr., 1961-
REPORT 1989 M453

Critical information technology management issues for Texas state government.
Eugene, Darrick Wayne, 1963-
REPORT 1989 EU43

The delivery of direct HIV services in Austin-Travis County, Texas.
Juday, Timothy Reynolds, 1964-
REPORT 1989 J88

Designing a performance incentive program for Texas public schools.
Twenhafel, David Wayne, 1961-
REPORT 1989 T918

The effect of foreign capital inflow on economic development of Korea.
Oh, Kwangsok, 1958-

The effectiveness of covert action : a two-case study comparison.
Bacon, William Henry, 1962-
REPORT 1989 B137

Family planning in Mexico : a multi-sector approach.
McDermott, Chan D., 1963-
REPORT 1989 M143

Family planning policy in the Reagan era : its impact on poor and low-income women.
Webster, Kathleen Nell.
REPORT 1989 W394

Federal preemption of state and local powers : the case of right to know
Mears, Patricia Joan Schnautz, 1959-
REPORT 1989 M463

Fifteen years : the city of Austin and its affirmative action program.
Flores, Selma Cuellar, 1958-
REPORT 1989 F663

The financial integrity of the Medicaid program in Texas : a litany of loopholes and lost opportunities.
Fahy, John Richard, 1963-
REPORT 1989 F146

Financing mental health care in Texas : issues and alternatives.
Redford Award Winner.
Harper, Joellen M., 1965-
REPORT 1989 H232

Governmental response to freshwater lake pollution.
Damato, Marcia Lynn, 1964-
REPORT 1989 D18

Growth pole strategy of regional development : a case study of the Carajas program of Brazil.
Rao, Savita, 1962-
REPORT 1989 R18

Health policy in Brazil : the state's response to crisis.
Atwood, Angela, 1962-
REPORT 1989 AT95

ICWP and drought management : how and why ICWP should address the issues raised by the severe droughts of the 1980s.
Knopes, Christopher A., 1962-
REPORT 1989 K757

Implementation of mandatory work registration for two-parent families : implications for Texas.
Osterman, Tamar Laura, 1961-

Implications of the United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement for North American energy industries.
Holland, David Gillett, 1964-
REPORT 1989 H719

The legal regime governing pollution of the Rio Grande River.
Zinke, Donna Patricia, 1963-
REPORT 1989 Z66

The legislative liaison officer in Texas state government.
Hacker, Sidney Bailey, 1958-
REPORT 1989 H115

Linked deposit programs : an alternative strategy for financing small business development.
Luna, Eduardo Navarro, 1965-
REPORT 1989 L971

Maintaining citizen participation within community development corporations.
Gallegos, Sylvia Michiko, 1962-
REPORT 1989 G1

Maquiladoras, foreign trade zones, & enterprise zones : economic development efforts in the Rio Grande Valley.
Gomez, Leonel, 1965-
REPORT 1989 G586

The Mexican-American electorate : a demographic and issue profile.
Morrow, Kevin Francis, 1964-
REPORT 1989 M834

Minority business assistance programs.
Villalon, Suzanne, 1960-
REPORT 1989 V711

Minority representation : a study of minority arts funding in the city of San Antonio.
Rodriguez, Deanna Denise, 1964-
REPORT 1989 R618

Minority voting rights : developments by Congress and the courts.
Villarreal, Alicia, 1961-
REPORT 1989 V713

A new trend in development administration : supporting local institutions and sustaining development from the bottom-up.
Vanderlinde, Virginia Ann.
REPORT 1989 V285

Policies toward poverty alleviation : a case study of Sri Lanka.
Rendon, Maria Cristina, 1964-
REPORT 1989 R292

The policy process paralyzed : the Clean Air Act and the 100th Congress.
Steakley, Barbara Elizabeth, 1956-
REPORT 1989 ST31

Politics of the decision making process for light rail transit.
Casey, Paul Andrew, 1965-
REPORT 1989 C268

The potential for the political development of the Asian American community in Houston.
Quan, David Jin-Mun, 1960-
REPORT 1989 Q25

Presidential leadership in Black civil rights : 1948-1968.
McDougal, Cary Lee, 1962-
REPORT 1989 M148

Price caps : the Federal Communications Commission's alternative to rate of return regulation.
Treuer, Philip Jonathan, 1955-
REPORT 1989 T726

The problem of Black adult literacy in the rural South : a case study of Arkansas.
Matthews, Kevin Lee, 1965-
REPORT 1989 M432

The problems and costs of diabetes mellitus in Texas and a descriptive analysis of one of its major complications--kidney failure.
Matherne, Yvette Marie, 1965-
REPORT 1989 M42

The process of exporting to Mexico : a case study of two Texas companies.
Houston, Edith Inez, 1963-
REPORT 1989 H818

Promoting regional integration and economic development in the U.S.-Mexico border : the establishment of a binational council in Cuidad Juarez and El Paso.
Martinez Urrutia, Humberto, 1965-
REPORT 1989 M366

Protection of the Gulf of Mexico : the citizens' role.
Mitchell, Jennifer, 1965-
REPORT 1989 M694

A regional government for King County-Washington : a case study.
Conegliano, Bruno, 1934-
REPORT 1989 C756

Regulation of interstate natural gas pipelines and the captive customer : an analysis of the effect of regulatory changes since 1984.
Talkington, Clark Carr, 1961-
REPORT 1989 T144

Regulation of U.S. government-sponsored enterprises.
Vanchiere, Charles Michael.
REPORT 1989 V277

The relationship between media bias and U.S. foreign policy : the evolution of U.S.-Arab relations since World War II.
Terry, Valerie Sue, 1960-
REPORT 1989 T279

Resolving Ghana's economic crisis : petroleum production or economic reforms?
Amoaka, Eric, 1957-
REPORT 1989 AM66

Responsiveness in rulemaking at the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation.
Logan, Linda Elaine, 1952-
REPORT 1989 L828

The role of export processing zones in economic development : case studies of the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.
Kramer, Susan M., 1958-
REPORT 1989 K86

The role of state government in promoting occupational safety and health in Texas : proposals for reform.
Miller, Marlene Hope, 1962-
REPORT 1989 M616

Solving the affordable housing crisis in Austin, Texas : the decade of the 1980s and beyond.
Hempstead, Charles Arthur, 1957-
REPORT 1989 H378

Space commerce and public policy.
Brailov, Marc Alan,
REPORT 1989 B731

Stated (i.e. state) based initiatives in the development and supervison (sic) of revenues generated for public education#
Travillion, Jeffrey William, 1962-
REPORT 1989 T698

State financial programs for economic development.
McMath, Kimberly Diane, 1963-
REPORT 1989 M227

The strategic defense initiative : visionary politics and short-sighted policies.
Dunbar, Brian Randal, 1959-
REPORT 1989 D911

A study of the 1986 re-election of Rep. Bob Richardson in the 49th Legislative District of Texas.
Young, Jody Lee, 1962-
REPORT 1989 Y85

Sunset revisited.
Swinton, John W., 1955-
REPORT 1989 SW65

Texans without health insurance.
Neudecker, Rebecca Jo, 1965-
REPORT 1989 N393

The Texas Agricultural Hazard Communication Act : an employer's perspective.
Jordan, Paul H., 1962-
REPORT 1989 J765

The Texas National Guard in the eighties.
Mckee, Matthew Scott, 1953-
REPORT 1989 M194

Uniformity and proportionality in the sentencing of convicted felons under Minnesota's sentencing guidelines system.
Carter, Susan Dolores, 1961-
REPORT 1989 C245

Unincorporated businesses in Texas : taxation alternatives.
Jennings, Larkin Kent, 1962-
REPORT 1989 J445

Workers' compensation reform : small business initiatives.
Renner, Clarinda Elizabeth, 1964-
REPORT 1989 R295


Affordable housing policy : the potential for more effective support of community development corporations.
Carver, Julie Ann, 1962-
REPORT 1988 C256

AIDS and women : is there a concern? what should be done?
Lava, Joan Davis, 1943-
REPORT 1988 L38

AIDS policy in Brazil.
Caplan, Patricia Ann, 1960-
REPORT 1988 C172

Alternative methods of financing higher education : meeting tomorrow's needs?
Francis, Patrick John, 1964-
REPORT 1988 F847

An analysis of welfare-to-work programs in Texas and the United States.
Kelly, Margaret Lee, 1962-
REPORT 1988 K297

Barriers to sharing data bases in state agencies.
Szczypula, Janusz, 1957-
REPORT 1988 SZ19

Businesses' attitudes on the Texas tax structure.
Crumpton, Lauren Marie, 1964-
REPORT 1988 C888

Circuit breaker property tax relief : a proposed program for Texas.
Sheridan, Lauri L. (Lauri Lee), 1959-
REPORT 1988 SH53

Community action agencies : twenty-five years after the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.
Harrison, Bonnie Bakeman, 1963-
REPORT 1988 H245

Comparable worth as a means of achieving pay equity : a case study of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Miller, Melanie Beth, 1960-
REPORT 1988 M616

Computer utilization and use patterns in the Department of Justice Civil Division.
Lankford, Lynda Lee, 1960-
REPORT 1988 L275

The demographics and social services needs of the Austin Jewish community.
Nachamie, Pamela Maxine, 1962-
REPORT 1988 N114

The development, application, and acceptance of a water quality model for the lower Colorado River, Texas
Johns, Norman D.
First Reader: Armstron, N.
THESIS 1988 J625

The development of prison standards.
Hartman, Mary Margaret, 1962-
REPORT 1988 H255

Employee assistance programs : their impacts on employers and employees.
Redd, Sophia Loren, 1964-
REPORT 1988 R246

Employee drug testing : fourth amendment and related legal issues.
Threet, Jerry Dale, 1961-
REPORT 1988 T413

Employing displaced & marginal workers : providing skills American industry needs to the chronically unemployed.
Ramos, George Louis, 1956-
REPORT 1988 R147

Energy conservation for irrigated agriculture in Texas.
Stewart, Robert Buckner, 1954-
REPORT 1988 ST49

Enforcing hazardous waste rules in Texas.
Socolof, David Matthew, 1963-
REPORT 1988 SO13

Enhancing the relationship between Texas' schools and juvenile courts : serving a shared clientele.
Gill, Ann Marie, 1963-
REPORT 1988 G41

Enterprise zones : the repackaging of a traditional approach?
Robinson, Kenneth Leotis, 1962-
REPORT 1988 R563

Environmental crisis in Poland.
Mason, Jennifer Susan, 1964-
REPORT 1988 M381

An examination of state strategies to retain steel production and employment.
Rothman, Cheryl Anne, 1953-
REPORT 1988 R745

Expanding the Medicaid program in Texas : funding issues and alternatives.
Dunkelberg, Anne, 1956-
REPORT 1988 D921

Financing educational technology for Texas public schools.
Baker, Ann Louise, 1959-
REPORT 1988 B171

Findings of fact and ex parte contacts under the Administrative Procedure and Texas Register Act.
Whitlow, Stuart Norman, 1955-
REPORT 1988 W59

Future scenarios : the Mexican external debt.
Gonzalez-Pena, Carlos Jose, 1958-
REPORT 1988 G590

The high school dropout problem of East Austin residents.
Aleman, Steven Robert, 1963-
REPORT 1988 AL25

The history and provisions of the Comprehensive Watersheds Ordinance.
Paulson, Steven Douglas, 1953-
REPORT 1988 P285

Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on municipal finance.
Redford Award Winner.
Edwards, Kimberly Kaye, 1963-
REPORT 1988 ED96

The implementation of the Travis County CIP program.
Francy, Kristen, 1952-
REPORT 1988 F849

The implications of the master plan for vocational education and students at-risk of dropping out of school.
Lopez, Frederick Mark, 1964-
REPORT 1988 L881

Interest rate swaps, caps and floors : a cash flow perspective.
Vail, Andrea, 1958-
REPORT 1988 V193

Jamaican migration and cooperative economic development.
Henderson, Kimberly T., 1964-
REPORT 1988 H383

New initiatives in pension administration.
Grant, Richard Bruce, 1956-
REPORT 1988 G767

Planning for metropolitan growth in Travis County, Texas.
Homer, Pierce Robinson, 1956-
REPORT 1988 H752 PCL Stacks

Pollution control policy : state level alternatives to existing regulatory structure.
Hodges, Scott Cameron, 1955-
REPORT 1988 H667

Postmodernism and the novels of David Lodge : toward a redefinition of the individual.
Grant, Gordon Allan, 1964-
REPORT 1988 G767

Preventing low birthweight in Texas : a policy analysis.
Schwartz, Norah Anita, 1952-

Presidential accountability and covert action : forty years under the National Security Act.
Bannwolf, Timothy Herman, 1961-
REPORT 1988 B227

Prison expansion in Texas : a policy appraisal.
Taylor, Donald Wayne, 1939-
REPORT 1988 T213

Privatization in China.
Chen, Shaobo, 1959-
REPORT 1988 C42

Probation in Texas : a descriptive analysis of contract residential services.
Laredo, Geoffrey Mark, 1962-
REPORT 1988 L323

Probation in Texas : a statistical analysis of diversionary programs.
Welles, Henry Page, 1956-
REPORT 1988 W459

A program to integrate eligibility screening in Houston and Harris County.
Wills, Dana Leech, 1964-
REPORT 1988 W685

A proposal for a corridor council for the Paso del Norte region.
Materi, Ramona Rosanne, 1960-
REPORT 1988 M418

Public-private highway financing : some policy considerations.
Gonzales, Belinda Nieto, 1955-
REPORT 1988 G589

The role of elite councils in local economic development.
Barber, Marian Jean, 1956-
REPORT 1988 B233

Senate bill 595 : deregulation or reregulation.
Stephenson, Michelle Denise, 1959-
REPORT 1988 ST45

Sociopolitical aspects of economic development in Korea.
Kim, Jin-Hong, 1962-
REPORT 1988 K56

Spouse abuse as a policy issue.
Arrowchis, LeeAnna, 1961-
REPORT 1988 AR69

Stabilization program through exchange rate policies : the case of Venezuela 1983-1987.
Toro, Jorge, 1962-
REPORT 1988 T634

State administration of the small cities program : the Massachusetts experience.
Sullivan, Michael Jay, 1954-
REPORT 1988 SU55

State child care : putting the pieces together.
Rutsch, Carolyn A., 1961-
REPORT 1988 R937

State legislative lobbying by national companies.
Leugs, Brian Andrew, 1959-
REPORT 1988 L572

A strategic economic development plan for Texas.
Rudloff, Darren Glen, 1964-
REPORT 1988 R834

A study of variance requests to the Barton Creek Watershed Ordinance.
Jacobe, Susan Adele, 1959-
REPORT 1988 J15

Tax reform issues and popular attitudes toward tax reform in Texas.
Dickie, Joseph Robert, 1959-
REPORT 1988 D56

Technology transfer and commercialization of research in the University of Texas system.
Cook, David J., 1962-
REPORT 1988 C771

Telecommunications and economic development in the third world : introducing the integrated service digital network.
Watad, Mahmoud.
REPORT 1988 W29

Telecommunications policy for a changing economy.
Horrigan, John B. (John Brendan), 1961-
REPORT 1988 H786

Texas in a global economy : the role of state government in export promotion.
Rivera, Marguerite Alma, 1955-
REPORT 1988 R524

A Texas local government investment pool : a second look.
Tompkins, Tommy Lee, 1962-
REPORT 1988 T595

The Texas Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund : a mathematical programming approach to solvency and benefit finance adequacy.
Silbert, Lance Jeffrey, 1958-
REPORT 1988 SI32

Unemployment insurance tax equity among employer-taxpayers in Texas.
Murray, David Gordon.
REPORT 1988 M962

The United States, Israel, and the Six Day War.
Wolford, Donald Lee, 1956-
REPORT 1988 W833

The use of public attitude assessment in the development of emergency service policy for the city of Austin, Texas.
Coll, William Eugene, 1955-
REPORT 1988 C683

West German ostpolitik : US policy implications.
Smith, Ava Ruth, 1956-
REPORT 1988 SM51


An analysis of the urban development action grant program in Central Texas.
Espinoza, Mario Antonio 1962-
REPORT 1987 ES65

The banking industry : an interstate look.
Stafford, Patrick Howard, 1959-
REPORT 1987 ST13

Beyond Lelsz : a more effective structure for the administration of mental retardation services in Texas.
Essler, James Evander, 1949-
REPORT 1987 ES78

Brazilian relations with Argentina in the 1980's.
Blum, John Newman, 1962-
REPORT 1987 B626

Brucellosis : Eradication versus control.
Batey, Richard Miller, 1957-
REPORT 1987 B319

Censorship of pop culture : use of the variable obscenity doctrine to circumvent the first amendment.
Holland, Joan Dee, 1960-
REPORT 1987 H719

The Chernobyl accident : implications for the United States nuclear power industry.
Teas, Andrew Parker, 1962-
REPORT 1987 T222

Child abuse and neglect in Travis County, Texas.
Hayes, Kim Elaine, 1956-
REPORT 1987 H327

The civilian health and medical program of the uniformed services (CHAMPUS) : an integral part of the military health care system.
Weber, Joseph Frederick, 1950-
REPORT 1987 W389

Comprehensive tort and insurance reform to protect public services.
Alden, Robert Comer, 1957-
REPORT 1987 AL22

Corporate resistance to hostile tender offers.
Louis, Antony Andrew R., 1960-
REPORT 1987 L93

A cost of services study and recommended fee schedule for the City of Austin Building Inspection Department.
Bauermeister, Lisa Maria, 1963-
REPORT 1987 B329

An economic analysis of the Texas highway finance system.
Winters, Charles Clinton, 1957-
REPORT 1987 W734

The economic association of Cyprus with the EEC : effects on the Cyprus economy.
Michaelides, Andreas Thoma, 1958-
REPORT 1987 M582

Employee suggestion programs for municipal governments.
Harvey, Brenda Estelle, 1963-
REPORT 1987 H262

Equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs : management dilemmas.
Ferrarie, Kim Ellen, 1963-
REPORT 1987 F412

Equity in the distribution of parks services in Austin, Texas.
Howard, Rebecca Osborn, 1963-
REPORT 1987 H836

An ethical model for analyzing public policy.
Wood, Mary Jane, 1948-
REPORT 1987 W851

Evaluation of the Shared Work Program in Texas, January 1986-January 1987.
Kornguth, Ingrid Laura, 1963-
REPORT 1987 K842

An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the mayor-council and council-manager forms of government for cities in transition
Lodge, Rachel, 1955-
REPORT 1987 L821

Export promotion and foreign investment attraction as tools for state economic development.
Smith, Lauri Jean, 1963-
REPORT 1987 SM61

Federal assistance to states and localities in combating crime : a study of the Safe Streets Act.
Backfield, Frederic Lewis.
REPORT 1987 B1265

A financial analysis of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 as implemented in Texas
Hricz, Michael, 1961-
REPORT 1987 H858

Financing public school facilities under the maximum class size requirements in Texas.
Redford Award Winner.
Haas, Debra Suzanne, 1963-
REPORT 1987 H112

Foreign direct investment in the U.S. : job creation and stimulation of economic linkages.
Crowley, Michael F., 1956-
REPORT 1987 C886

The future of a Project Renewal relationship : a case study of Houston, Texas and Yoseftal, Petah Tikva, Israel.
Leavitt, Shelley Roxanne, 1963-
REPORT 1987 L461

Growth management in Florida : the northwest Florida coast resource planning and management committee.
Clary, Karen Jean, 1957-
REPORT 1987 C563

High level nuclear waste disposal : an analysis of the method for site selection.
Lyu, Wern Huar, 1960-
REPORT 1987 L999

High-level nuclear wastes : a policy analysis of interim storage.
Gonzalez, Norma Leticia, 1962-
REPORT 1987 G589

Hydroelectric development in the Himalayas : the challenge of cooperative development between India and Nepal.
Cox, Nancy Lynn Johannes, 1962-
REPORT 1987 C8395

Illegal immigration from Mexico : the guestworker option.
Hartnett, Michael Peter, 1957-
REPORT 1987 H229

The influence of reason in the Knight's tale.
Smith, Kathryn Thompson, 1958-

The influence of special interest groups on governmental decision making in Texas : the case of the Texas racing act.
Pennings, Barron Kelley, 1962-
REPORT 1987 P384

Influences on industrial policies.
Thiede, Paula Sue, 1959-
REPORT 1987 T346

Latin American foreign ministries and the formulation of foreign policy : a case study of Brazil.
O'Neill, Michelle Lynne, 1964-

Legal framework of the maquiladora industry in Mexico.
Yamallel Flores, Eduardo Jesus, 1963-
REPORT 1987 Y14

Management of computer systems in local government.
Howard, Mark H., 1960-
REPORT 1987 H8

Maquiladoras in the South Texas border area and in fiber industries.
De la Fuente, Oscar, 1961-
REPORT 1987 D34

The mayor's role in the local economy : a general overview.
Peebles, David Shepherd, 1963-
REPORT 1987 P344

Medicaid expansion in Texas.
Bulkeley, Linda Michele, 1960-
REPORT 1987 B871

The medical cost of AIDS in Texas.
Conlon, Richard Thomas, 1946-
REPORT 1987 C760

Mental health policy and the homeless.
Weiss, Stephen G., 1960-
REPORT 1987 W436

Microcomputers and local government.
Safer, Karen Malka, 1963-
REPORT 1987 SA17

Modernization in China and the role of Shanghai.
Oxley, Claire Knox, 1957-

The National Forest Management Act of 1976 and its implications for wilderness preservation in the national forests of Texas
Martin, Paul Jerome, 1954-
REPORT 1987 M365

National urban policy in contemporary Brazil.
Hall, Anne, 1959-
REPORT 1987 H14

Pesticide policymaking in an era of interest group negotiations.
Merrigan, Kathleen Ann, 1959-
REPORT 1987 M553

A policy discussion on Texas' initiatives for creating and implementing a statewide management training program for public school administrators
Chatelle, Melody Beth, 1957-
REPORT 1987 C391

Policy options for protecting freshwater inflows to bays and estuaries in Texas.
Clarkson, Judith M., 1946-
REPORT 1987 C561

Poverty and maternal-child health in Texas.
Siegel, Claudia Helene, 1953-
REPORT 1987 SE42

The public lending right : United States prospects.
Hawkins, Jo Anne, 1938-
REPORT 1987 H314

The public policy response to acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
Ham, Sandra, 1963-
REPORT 1987 H17

Re-examining the safety net for the elderly : a review of the impact of medical care expenditures on the safety net.
McKenzie, Kathy Edwina, 1963-
REPORT 1987 M196

Regional economic development : a challenge to the states.
Smith, Suzanne Elizabeth, 1961-
REPORT 1987 SM665

The regulation of agricultural biotechnology.
Meacham, Edith Douglas, 1961-
REPORT 1987 M46

The relationship between business and the public schools : past, present and future.
Peck, Amy Miriam, 1961-
REPORT 1987 P334

The rights of parents to educate their children at home.
Akins, Joyce Lanell, 1959-
REPORT 1987 AK51

The role of tourism in the economic development of Austin, Texas.
Henderson, Tracy Louise, 1962-
REPORT 1987 H383

School based health clinics : a case study of the Urban Affairs Corporation.
Hooten, Angela Lottie, 1963-
REPORT 1987 H769

The Select Committee on Public Education 1983-1984.
Newman, Gwen Warnock, 1950-
REPORT 1987 N464

A strategic plan for Capital Metro.
Smith, Michael J. (Michael Joseph), 1960-
REPORT 1987 SM625

Strategies for meeting competition in the electric utility industry.
Milavitz, Suzanne Linda, 1960-
REPORT 1987 M59

Student loan debt: policy overview, survey findings and recommendations.
Webster, Jeffrey James, 1962-
REPORT 1987 W394

Texas public school finance law and policy.
Rodriguez, Xavier, 1961-
REPORT 1987 R618

Tort liability and the insurance crisis.
Westfield, John David, 1962-
REPORT 1987 W526

Unemployment insurance benefits in Texas : a program review.
Staley, Andrew Blair, 1961-
REPORT 1987 ST16

The Urban Affairs Corporation as a model in teenage pregnancy prevention and youth retention.
Esquibel, RubyAnn M. (Ruby Ann Michelle), 1963-
REPORT 1987 ES68

US-South Africa trade in the eighties.
Bhatt, Rajkumar Suryakant, 1961-
REPORT 1987 B47

The use and effectiveness of local government incentives designed to attract foreign direct investment.
Limon, Abelardo, 1960-
REPORT 1987 L6295

The use of aptitude testing by state employment security agencies : a policy analysis.
Lurie, Alexander David, 1962-
REPORT 1987 L974

Utilization of the emergency room at Brackenridge Hospital by medical assistance program clients in Travis County.
Jennings, Bart Alan, 1959-
REPORT 1987 J441

Women in development : positive approaches towards agricultural development in the Third World.
Parnell, Heather Haynes, 1964-
REPORT 1987 P243

Work and welfare initiatives.
Franco, Celinda Marie, 1958-
REPORT 1987 F849

Worker adjustment in a competitive society.
Cairnes, Katrina Lynn, 1963-
REPORT 1987 C123

Workers' compensation insurance regulation in Texas : select issues and problems.
Goodwin, Cheryl Kim, 1959-
REPORT 1987 G631


The appraisal of regulated utilities.
Moore, Glenn Herren.
REPORT 1986 M783

An assessment of Houston's health care for the homeless program.
Norris, Robert Rudd.
REPORT 1986 N797

Automation needs of public agencies and the myth of the long-range plan.
Dempsey, James Randall.
REPORT 1986 D399

Bonding, a proposal for Texas' well plugging policy.
Triggs, Casey Richard.
REPORT 1986 T734

The case for medical malpractice reform in Texas.
Redford Award Winner.
Fritz, Randy.
REPORT 1986 F920

Chada, the road beyond.
Sims, Tim Norton.
REPORT 1986 SI58

Chicanos in the new economy : the impact of industrial and political change in the Southwest.
Melgoza, Cesar Moreno.
REPORT 1986 M484

Comparable worth : a manager's dilemma.
Malone, Wanda Lucinda.
REPORT 1986 M298

Comparable worth and pay equity : a legal and historical analysis
Contreras, Carlos Julio.
REPORT 1986 C768

A comparative study of selected research parks : implications for the Balcones Research Center.
Kragie, Mary Elizabeth.
REPORT 1986 K856

The complexity of conflict resolution in a plural society : a South African example.
Murphy, P. J. (Patrick J.)
REPORT 1986 M956

Congressional foreign policy and its impact on the the Cyprus problem.
Pashiardis, Petros A.
REPORT 1986 P263

The continuing evolution of representative democracy : increasing voter participation and voter knowledge.
Edmondson, David Goodwin.
REPORT 1986 ED58

Cooperative purchasing in Texas through regional councils and the State Purchasing and General Services Commission.
Mihajlovich, Mira.
REPORT 1986 M588

Court-annexed mediation : the potential for Texas.
Ritter, Philip James.
REPORT 1986 R515

Developing a national technology policy in the United States.
Patton, Charles Rodney.
REPORT 1986 P278

Developing programs to control and prevent diabetes among the Mexican-American population in Texas.
Rodriguez, Reymundo.
REPORT 1986 R618

Development of an intelligent advisor for private sewage system regulation.
Lockhart, Mary Bell.
REPORT 1986 L79

The development of the Procuracy in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
Mickelson, Kimberly.
REPORT 1986 M583

East-West energy trade : golden opportunity or Achille's (sic) heel?
Redford Award Winner.
Hancock, Scott R.
REPORT 1986 H191

Economic decision making during the Reagan administration : the deficit's effect on budgetary, fiscal and trade policies.
Smith, James Blair.
REPORT 1986 SM61

Economic growth and stability for the Texas economy : analysis and recommendations.
Gorena, Samuel Luis.
REPORT 1986 G669

The effects of JTPA readiness training on rural participants in Sumner County, Tennessee.
Zellner, Catherine Elaine.
REPORT 1986 ZE39

Enforcement of nursing home regulations in Texas : the role of the Texas Department of Health.
Campbell, Andrew Douglas.
REPORT 1986 C153

Ethics in public service : review of internal standards and external controls.
You, Min-Bong.
REPORT 1986 Y83

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If you don't like it, move! : obtaining livable conditions for Austin renters.
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Implementing organizational change in the City of Austin Electric Utility Department.
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Maintaining privacy in a technological era.
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Mandatory alien verification : a policy analysis.
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Maternal and child health : a comparison of programs in four states.
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The Mexican government influence on the outcome of U.S. legislation.
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National nursing home ombudsman program : a failure in public policy.
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Oklahoma's fiscal crisis.
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Old dogmas, outworn slogans, and ancient battlegrounds : resuscitating the national Democratic Party.
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Pesticide evaluation : rebuttable presumption against registration and special review.
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Potential regulation of the government securities market.
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The radical swing of the Reagan National Labor Relations Board.
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Regulating obscenity.
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The response of the Texas Savings and Loan Department to rapid deregulation of the savings and loan industry.
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The sanctuary movement in the United States.
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Security considerations in a data processing environment.
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The semiconductor industry : locational tendencies within the United States.
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Sunset in Texas.
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Technology, dairy policy and the family farm.
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Terrorism : local government's responsibility and preparation.
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The Texas corporation franchise tax.
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Understanding the Texas indigent health care legislation of 1985.
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The U.S., the USSR and Western Europe.
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U.S. trade with Chile : policy changes since 1973 and their implications.
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Use of supportive personnel in Texas pharmacies.
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Alternative dispute resolution and public interest law.
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An analysis of offshore leasing policy.
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Analysis of a Stable peace.
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An analysis of the conflict in the Western Sahara.
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Analysis of the Texas water plan of 1984.
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Antitrust policy as an instrument of industrial policy : the world-market argument and the case of LTV Steel.
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An assessment of Saudi Arabia's endeavor to modernize, in the context of declining oil revenues and Islamic fundamentalism
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The availability of a maternal and child health care system in northeast Texas.
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Bank deregulation : a threat to deposit insurance.
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Buying justice : ethical consideration in judicial campaign financing.
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The community work experience program : has this work fare program worked?
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Competitive production of public services : a case study of solid waste collection and disposal services in the city of Fort Worth, Texas
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Cooperation or conflict? : U.S. export controls and commercial relations with the People's Republic of China.
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A critical analysis of housing vouchers.
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Design of urban EMS in the Dominican Republic.
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A development strategy for agriculture in the Dominican Republic, 1985-1990 : The US aid program in El Salvador, 1972-1984, a country evaluation
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Diversifying Zambia's foreign trade : patterns, policies, and prospects.
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The effect of interest group politics on the enactment and implementation of the teacher related provisions in the 1984 Teacher Education Reform Bill, Hb 72.
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Election administration in Texas : appointed vs. elected officials.
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Employee assistance programs : a new solution for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and mental health problems among workers.
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Employer support and child care.
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Environmental education in the Austin Independent School District's elementary schools : improving on the current situation
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Equador's (i.e. Ecuador's) potential to develop non-traditional exports.
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Estimation of demand for emergency medical services.
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Federal natural gas regulation and its effect on Texas severance tax revenue.
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Federal tax policy and the incentive to invest.
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Fetally toxic health hazards in the workplace : an employer's obligation.
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A framework for implementing development assistance projects.
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Freshwater inflow into bays and estuaries : policy options and analysis.
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Government funding of epilepsy research.
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Governmental efforts to reduce welfare dependency : work programs for welfare recipients.
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Groundwater law and management in Texas.
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International cooperation to combat terrorism.
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Issues of local government debt finance : a primer for local governments.
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Lead pollution in Dallas.
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Local telephone pricing in a competitive market environment.
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Low-income housing, policy and action : Austin.
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Management incentive programs in response to limited fiscal resources : the Texas mental health and mental retardation system.
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Mass transit in the city of Austin : the development of Capital Metro.
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A matter of interpretation : changes under chapter 1 of the Education consolidation and improvement act.
Redford Award Winner.
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Managing adjustment to structural economic change : the role for the states.
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The media and the military : a fragile balance.
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Municipal capital recovery fees in Texas : an exploratory analysis.
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Overweight truck operations in Texas : developing effective fines and penalties to deter violations.
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Paralegal support in the Civil Division U.S. Department of Justice : an analysis of use and need.
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Policy implications for employment growth in the Austin MSA, 1974-1984.
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Potential use of management by objectives in Texas Department of Corrections.
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Prescription for public school finance reform in Texas.
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Providing needed recreational opportunities : justifications and methods for state assistance to private sector outdoor recreation establishments in Texas.
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Research and evaluation in the Job Training Partnership Act.
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Risk assessment and management in regulating chlorofluorocarbons and urea-formaldehyde foam insulation.
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A statistical analysis of the political business cycle.
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The status of Texas women in the labor force.
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The strategic defense initiative : the policy development process.
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Texas halfway houses : the need for expansion.
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Report l514 1985

Thailand's emerging external debt crisis and the Thai military's proposed F16 purchase.
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Trends in the National Flood Insurance Program : applications to Baytown, Texas.
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Turkey's trade relationship with the EEC : an examination of trade conflict in textiles and clothing.
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U.S. industrial policy.
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The United States generalized system of preferences : creation and graduation.
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The vice presidential selection process : are we entering a new era?
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Vocational preparation in the Japanese educational system : lessons for America.
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Western export control policies on strategic technologies in East-West trade.
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Zoning and the location of community group homes for the mentally retarded in Texas.
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The agricultural development act of 1983.
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The agricultural economy of Poland.
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Air pollution aspects of hazardous waste disposal in Texas
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Analysis of trends and controversies behind state wilderness bills.
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Analysis of utility fund transfers in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.
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The authority of counties in Texas to regulate land use and development.
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Beyond traditional responses : an emerging new understanding of the drug abuse problem.
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The citizen participation organizations of Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio : do they function as a single-member district election system
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Coping with complex public policy issues : the emergence of interdisciplinary teams.
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Councilmember remuneration in Texas council-manager cities. / Murguia, Matthew.
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Crisis management techniques in terrorism.
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Democracy versus bureaucracy : gaining public support for capital improvements.
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Desegregation and education : a study of the costs and benefits of Houston's magnet school program.
Redford Award Winner.
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The development of American refugee policy : an overview.
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Energy management at the local level.
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Economic incentives and disincentives to labor force participation among the elderly.
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An evaluation of bidding procedures for onshore federal oil and gas tracts.
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An evaluation of the investment quality of Texas municipal bonds.
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Felony disfranchisement in Texas : permissible law and unacceptable policy.
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Free market policies in Chile.
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Freestanding emergency centers : a public policy perspective.
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Fuels and chemicals from biomass : shifting the industrial resource base.
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Funding mechanism alternatives for an indigent health care program in Texas.
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The future of Poland's coal industry and coal trade. / Cleland, Scott Cameron.
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Government support of the arts : a case study of Austin, Texas.
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Health insurance for persons with diabetes in Texas. / Dixon, Pamela Joy.
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Health maintenance organizations as Medicaid providers : implications for Texas.
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Implementing affirmative action programs in public higher education institutions : dilemmas faced by a federal contractor in an Adams state
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Information and the state role in pesticide regulation.
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Intrastate groundwater management : a proposal for Texas.
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Issues in higher education planning in the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany.
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Land reform in Guatemala.
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Laredo's economic development.
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Lesotho, an agricultural sector analysis.
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Maquiladoras on the Texas/Mexico border : an econometric evaluation of employment and retail sales effects on four Texas SMSAs
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Medicaid in Arizona : a new approach to indigent health care.
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Merit pay for teachers.
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The Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation : response to the U.S. challenge.
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The need for managing economic adjustment in the United States.
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Organizations and change : a case study of the administrative reorganization of the San Diego Unified School District.
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Pension funds and economic development : the case for a national development fund.
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Pesticide registration in California : the lessons for Texas.
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The potential chronic health effects of pesticide exposure in agricultural settings : an exploration of the data in Texas
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Private influence on public policies.
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Private insurance coverage of dependent minor pregnancy expenses.
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Promotion and protection of solar access in Austin, Texas : a municipal approach.
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Property tax reform in Texas.
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Prospects for a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka. / Dominey, David Alan.
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Prospects for an international park in the Sierra del Carmen.
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The protection of agricultural land in Texas.
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The role of minority business development centers in assisting minority business enterprises : a look at the Austin and and San Antonio centers
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Safeguarding women's interests, promoting women's welfare : an administrative history of the Women's Bureau, 1963-1968.
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Small issue industrial revenue bonds : public policy issues and the Texas experience.
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Social security's disability insurance program : controversy and reform, 1983-1984.
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Subdivision review procedures in the city of Austin, Texas.
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A tax incentive approach to ending residential segregation.
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Toward a state-owned long distance telecommunications network for Texas.
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Toxic tort reparation : policymaking under conditions of unresolved uncertainty.
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Transportation of hazardous materials in Texas : the state's role.
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University research-based programs to aid local economic development.
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The use of video display terminals in office employment : effects and options.
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User fees in Texas public libraries.
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The War power resolution : a partial victory for Congress in the war powers struggle.
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The Washington Public Power Supply System municipal bond default : a case study in public finance.
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Jenkins, Linda Diane.
REPORT 1984 J417


An analysis of recent trends in electric utility regulation.
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Assessment of Mexican-American access to health services throughout the Texas border region.
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Biotechnology, emerging trends in university-industry relations.
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Blueprint for transition : a case study of the State Treasury of Texas.
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Cameras in the courtroom : a review and analysis of alternative policies in the Southwestern States.
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The characteristic of the electorate in Travis County : a comparative study of voting and non-voting behavior.
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The Coastal barrier resources act : a review and evaluation.
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Comparative study of infant mortality in the Texas/Mexico border area of Laredo/Nuevo Laredo.
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A comprehensive parking management strategy for the city of San Antonio.
Redford Award Winner.
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Congressional control of off-budget credit activity : problems and options.
Redford Award Winner.
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The constitutionality of the Vietnam War : a message for the present.
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Creative financing of urban growth and redevelopment : an analysis of the rationale and implementation of tax increment financing in Texas.
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Credit disclosure regulation of the consumer rental purchase agreement : the time has come for federal regulation.
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An econometric examination of child abuse and neglect in Texas communities.
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The effects of Indonesia's foreign direct investment policies on U.S, non-oil investment.
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The effect of the 1982 peso devaluations on retail sales in El Paso, Texas.
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Emergency medical services in rural Texas : overview and policy recommendations.
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An evaluation of metropolitan tax base sharing plans.
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Evaluation of protective services to the elderly in Texas.
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"An exceptional remedy" : the special master as administrator in the Texas prison case.
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Federal credit activity : the budget's "backdoor".
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The federal-state relationship regarding regulations under the Surface mining control and reclamation act of 1977.
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Financing American business growth from abroad : proposals for a new federal government role regarding foreign direct in the United States.
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Growth management in Austin : water and wastewater service provision.
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The historical development of land reform in Honduras.
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Implementation of the Comprehensive environmental response, compensation and liability act of 1980 under the Reagan administration's "New Federalism"
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Industrial policy and the need for positive adjustment.
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Low level radioactive waste management : an overview of policies and problems.
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Management by deceit : a case study of a grievance.
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Marginal cost pricing : an urban service alternative.
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Minamata in retrospect : causes and repercussions.
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Motor fuel tax options in Texas : evaluating alternatives.
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The MTA, a policy alternative for Austin.
Kelly, Mary Ann.
1983 REPORT 1983 K297

The Multiemployer pension plan amendments of 1980 : withdrawal liability as a policy response.
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Municipal annexations and the Voting rights act : a policy to reduce dilution of minority voting strength.
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The natural gas decontrol debate : accelerated full decontrol vs. the Natural gas policy act of 1978.
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A new federalism program in Texas : primary health care under the Texas Department of Health.
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Package wastewater treatment plants : environmental hazard or engineering secret?
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Performance indicators in the Austin city budget.
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Public policy and future water use : an analysis of water demand forecasting models.
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Reauthorization of the Clean air act : control of sulfur pollution from existing sources.
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Reducing conflict in EMS interlocal contracts in Texas.
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Regulation and international competitiveness in the bio industrialization of genetic engineering.
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The regulation of campaign finance : impact on House elections.
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Regulation of the electric utility industry.
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The relationship between CETA job developers and private sector employers : a case study of San Antonio.
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Security of federal computer systems.
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School finance reform and municipal overburden in New Jersey.
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Small farm policy in the United States : Texas' intensified farm planning program.
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The states and small business : public sector involvement in private enterprise.
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The status of Austrian women in the labor market : lessons for the United States.
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Supervisory management training in Texas hospitals.
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Tax-exempt lease finance for local governments, with special reference to Texas.
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Towards a viable flood plain policy for Austin, Texas.
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Transborder data flow and U.S. multinationals.
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Volunteers and the city of Austin : expanding human resources under fiscal limitations.
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REPORT 1983 G199


Alien education in Texas public schools.
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An analysis of President Reagan's proposals for the MX intercontinental ballistic missile.
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Analysis of the effects of foreign investment disputes on U.S. nonfuel mineral imports.
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CDCs : financial resources for the 1980's.
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Contracting for municipal services : a case study of the city of Austin, Texas.
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Current protectionism and trade theory : has specialization occured along the lines of changing comparative advantage?
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Developments in telecommunications policy : the actions of the Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Department of Justice.
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The effect of regulatory changes on worker productivity in nuclear power plant construction.
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EMS for Bogota and the role of la Cruz Roja Colombiana.
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The export of hazardous pesticides and toxic chemicals.
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Flood plain management in Texas : a review of local administration and implementation of the national flood insurance program
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Growth management on the fringe in Austin, Texas : a study of fragmented decisionmaking.
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High level radioactive waste disposal: policymaking on technical issues
Redford Award Winner.
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Hospital bed needs as a Poisson process : a case study on inpatient trends.
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Inflation in the medical industry : causes and proposed solutions.
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Institutional discrimination : a case study of employment within the physical plant, University of Texas at Austin.
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Institutional reform : "it is so ordered" but how is it implemented?
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Legislative strategy for advice and consent to ratification of the Panama Canal treaties.
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Load management for capacity displacement in the electric utility industry.
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The Lower Colorado River Authority : an agency of the state.
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Matching the needs of the unemployed youth and the private sector.
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The new world information order and western press coverage of the Third World : an empirical analysis in the African context.
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A noncompliance penalty/environmental audit approach to enforcement of Federal water pollution regulations.
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Operation Ranch Hand, TCDD and the Federal response.
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Pesticide use among farmworkers in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
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The political background of East-West trade : the role of technology transfer in U.S. policy of detente.
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Private motor carriage and the motor carrier industry.
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Productivity in local government.
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Public health planning : the planning process at the local level : a case study.
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Recent trends in local government debt in Texas.
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Redistricting : how can the process be improved?
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Sanction sanctions? : a study of the use of economic pressure as a coercive tool in foreign policy.
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Tatra regional transportation project.
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Texas economic and demographic interactions : a system dynamics approach.
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The Texas prosecutorial system : what is wrong and how it can be fixed.
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Towards an understanding of equal employment opportunity policies.
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Westway : the blocking of an interstate.
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Whose job is it? : Passing the buck for human services.
Szaniszlo, Susan J.
REPORT 1982 SZ15


Acid rain : uncertainty and environmental policy.
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Aid to families with dependent children and Medicaid programs in Texas.
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Air quality management in Texas : license or limits to growth.
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An analysis of maternal and child health programs.
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An analysis of public members on occupational licensing boards in Texas.
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Analysis of selected changes in the Medicare program. / Gibson, Linda Marie.
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An analysis of several contemporary intercity family tax burden studies.
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An analysis of the Kerner Report.
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An assessment of the city of Austin's ability to respond to peacetime disasters : 1980.
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Cable television : franchising and refranchising in three Texas cities.
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A case study : the implementation of the Office of Management Assistance.
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Catholic hospital systems : history, development and policy implications.
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Discretionary justice : prosecutorial policies in the South Texas U.S. Attorneys offices.
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Equal employment opportunity in Texas state government.
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An examination of deployment analysis for fire station location in Austin, Texas.
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A ground water manual for small communities.
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Ground-water restoration after in-situ uranium mining : a case study of U.S. Steel's Texas uranium operations, Live Oak County, Texas.
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An information and referral network for human services in Texas.
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The linkage of industrial development and employment training in Austin, Texas : public and private sector perspectives.
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Low- and moderate-income employment benefits of the Urban Development Action Grant Program.
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Modeling techniques for a flexible emergency aid location system (TCM)
Redford Award Winner.
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Thesis 1981 M38

Medigap in Texas.
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Municipal housing bonds in Texas : an analysis of public policy issues.
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The organizational capability of CETA programs : a comparative analysis of selected prime sponsors in region VI.
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Policy barriers to development of renewable energy for rural sectors in the developing world.
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Post-judgment appeal of class certification denial : reconciling East Texas Motor Freight Systems, Inc. v. Rodriguez and United States Parole Commission v. Geraghty
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Public policies and programs affecting desertification in Texas.
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Public transportation policy : two approaches : a comparative analysis of France and the United States.
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The regulation of chemical carcinogens : the status of federal policies toward risk assessment.
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Residential Conservation Service rulemaking : a Texas perspective.
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The role of performance monitoring in program evaluation : a theoretical and practical analysis.
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The role of philanthropy in creating and implementing social policy : with special reference to the Hogg Foundation.
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The role of the executive in arms trade policy : U.S. arms sales to the Middle East during the Kennedy and Johnson administration
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Services integration in the Texas Department of Human Resources : a conceptual clarification.
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Solar energy policy and surveys of consumer attitudes.
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A statistical approach to assessing the preliminary energy conservation potential of buildings.
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Surface water resource management in Texas : problems, issues and choices.
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Technical modernization for municipal water distribution control : a policy framework.
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Toward improving the effectiveness of the National Labor Relations Board.
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Trends in nursing home reimbursement and bed supply : implications for the future.
Redford Award Winner.
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Uniform application of the United Nations convention on the enforcement and recognition of foreign arbitral awards in United States courts.
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Unnatural hazard : an overview of laws and policies concerning large oil spills.
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U.S. imports from the Caribbean under tariff item 807.00.
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U.S. refugee policy toward Haiti.
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User charges as a municipal revenue option : a survey of selected Texas cities.
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REPORT 1981 L827


Agricultural policy, with special reference to a national small farms focus.
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An analysis of general obligation bond rating techniques.
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Analysis of trends and developments in national coordination of natural resource data collection and dissemination.
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An approach to juvenile probation reform.
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Assessing the feasibility of solar residential development in Austin, Texas.
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An assessment of problems and prospects : the 4R act in 1980.
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Austin, a case study in a streamlining a municipal permitting system.
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Cognitive mapping : an illustration of its applicability to the analysis of Mexican oil and gas policy from 1977 to 1979#
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A conceptual framework for water conservation planning.
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Congress, subsystem politics, bureaucracy and the economy.
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Contraceptive retail sales : a three-country comparison, El Salvador, Mexico, and Jamaica.
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Crisis intervention in the 1980's : addressing the question of continuing public sector funding, with an illustrative case study
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The determinants of Texas municipal expenditures and the effects of a tax reduction.
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Development of a low-level radioactive waste plan for for (sic) the State of Texas.
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Diversification and industrial concentration.
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An econometric analysis of imports and exports among Andean Group countries.
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Electric utility involvement in the development of solar energy.
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Employment for older Americans.
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Energy contingency planning for Texas transit systems.
Redford Award Winner.
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Energy supply dilemmas for the U. S. industrial sector : an examination of the aluminum industry.
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Experiences of cities in Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley with federal intergovernmental revenue.
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Federal response to offshore oil pollution.
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The Fish and wildlife coordination act : a policy perspective.
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Forest resource management in developing nations : a case study of Honduras.
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Governmental reorganization : creating an analytical framework.
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The impact of Mexican immigration on the Texas public school system.
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The impacts of the private sector initiatives program on urban areas : a preliminary assessment.
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The implications of the National energy act for the Public Utility Commission of Texas.
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Inflation, income share competition, and a comprehensive inflation policy.
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International air transport : Can it function within a competitive framework?
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Legal and ethical implications of medical decisionmaking : an analysis and a proposal.
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Local telephone service pricing : an emerging information policy issue. Godwin, George William.
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Minority representation in local government : the Houston voting rights case.
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The National forest management act : development of the legislation and regulations for its implementation.
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Neighborhood organizations and neighborhood preservation : two case studies in Austin, Texas.
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Non-profit development corporations : a tool for revitalizing downtown Austin.
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Parking management policies and programs : a case study of Austin, Texas.
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Policy implications of regulating the natural gas producing industry.
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Potential deregulation of the ocean shipping industry.
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The potential for the development of ethanol as a motor fuel in Texas.
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A preliminary model for determining optimal allocation in education.
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Public funding for abortion.
Young, Mary E., 1957-
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Public television : the new media challenge.
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Recreation planning in Houston, Texas : an intergovernmental approach.
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The renegotiation process of mineral agreements in developing countries.
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Revenue collection : public and private alternatives for local governments.
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The role of small business in job creation and economic development.
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The Section 8 loan management program : implementation in Austin, Texas. Kelly, Kathleen, 1956-
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Texas lignite and the national synthetic fuel effort.
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The Texas Medical Association : history, organization, and influence.
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Time-of-day rate structuring : its impact upon low income consumers.
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United States steel industry : a case study of factors affecting productivity.
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Water conservation possibilities for the energy, agriculture, and urban-industrial sectors.
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Water reuse as a supply and pollution control alternative : factors influencing feasibility.
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Work motivation in voluntary human service organizations : policy alternatives for the volunteer manager.
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Worker ownership and management as strategies for economic development. Prather, Ann Gordon.
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