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Master's Professional Reports 1972 to 1979


Adopting and implementing program terminations.
Goldstein, Mitchell Aaron.
REPORT 1979 G578

Affirmative action in faculty hiring at the University of Texas at Austin.
Richland, Jordan Hunt.
REPORT 1979 R399

Affirmative action in Texas state government.
Snow, Joellen.
REPORT 1979 SN61

Alternatives for transportation administration in Texas.
Redman, Vivian Wilkins.
REPORT 1979 R248

An analysis of the antitrust and regulatory issues of deepwater port development, with particular reference to Texas.
Reingold, Daniel P.
REPORT 1979 R275

Bridging the gap : a funding proposal for the arts in Texas.
Johnson, Helen Kathleen.
REPORT 1979 J632

The capital requirements of Texas utilities in the 80's and their policy implications.
Mann, James Scott.
REPORT 1979 M315

The case for Federal auditing standards.
Rooney, John Henry.
REPORT 1979 R674

Citizen participation in general revenue sharing : a survey of Texas officials.
Storbeck, Barbara Fredelle Fenn.
REPORT 1979 ST74

Coastal energy impact program : implementation in Texas.
Shifrin, Judith Ann.
REPORT 1979 SH61

Coordinating employment and training programs : potential for apprenticeship and CETA linkages.
Hilgers, Paul Edward.
REPORT 1979 H549

Criminal liability of corporate officers : section 17(e) of the Occupational safety and health act of 1970.
Master, Geofrey Leigh.
REPORT 1979 M393

A decision analysis of national security export controls.
Kaufman, Todd Stuart.
REPORT 1979 K162

Economic development of the Mexican Kickapoo Indians of Texas.
Sponberg, Edward Titus.
REPORT 1979 SP66

The effect of naturalization law and policy on aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence.
Orozco, Maria Teresa.

The efficacy of the consumer information disclosure laws.
Grigsby, Anthony Charles.
REPORT 1979 G878

Employment and economic development : a case study in interagency coordination.
Saylor, Donald Dale.
REPORT 1979 SA99

The Employment Service and the Comprehensive employment and training act : alternatives for coordination.
Myers, Brooks Eastman.
REPORT 1979 M992

Federal constraints on the administration of selected human services programs in Texas.
Friedholm, Carol DeAnn.
REPORT 1979 F913

The Federal employees' compensation act : its development, current status and recommendations for future improvements.
Adams, Jack Allan.
REPORT 1979 AD18

Foreign investment in U. S. banks : a look at Texas.
Treece, Constance Sue.
REPORT 1979 T714

Fiscal note accuracy : a survey of the 65th Texas Legislature.
Collins, Pablo.
REPORT 1979 C695

The guidepost system : an indicator-based response to interagency coordination problems.
Hedge, Russell K.
REPORT 1979 H358

Health resource allocation in rural Colombia.
Hamon, Bryan L
REPORT 1979 H184

High blood pressure control in rural communities.
Clyburn, Steven Alexander.
REPORT 1979 C629

A historical perspective : Black membership in labor unions.
Belt, Rhonda Lynnette.
REPORT 1979 B419

HMO development : the view from Texas.
Weinberg, Barbara Lynn.
REPORT 1979 W43

Income maintenance, employment, and family stability : support for an alternate approach to welfare reform.
Dimas, James Timothy.
REPORT 1979 D59

The initiative and the referendum as state policy tools.
Burgin, Henry Newton.
REPORT 1979 B914

The impact of Proposition 13 on county government in California.
Friedman, Howard Paul.
REPORT 1979 F914

The implementation of the DART computer system into the highway safety planning functions of the state of Texas.
Gowen, Richard Frederick.
REPORT 1979 G747

Lobbying the United States Congress and the Texas Legislature : the struggle over coal slurry pipelines.
Friedland, Melissa.
REPORT 1979 F9135

Low-cost health care delivery system in the Dominican Republic.
Mendez, Maria del Carmen.
REPORT 1979 M522

Maritime archeological preservation policy : the neglected preservation policy.
Belton, Sheree Lynn.
REPORT 1979 B4195

Merit pay for state employees : a study of legislative policies and agency administration in Texas.
Arnold, James Allen.
REPORT 1979 AR64

Natural area preservation in Texas : past, present, future.
Jones, Alan D.
REPORT 1979 J7

Oil company pipeline divestiture.
Cannady, Gregg Ray.
REPORT 1979 C164

The political framework of United States contributions to multilateral development institutions.
Nelson, John C.
REPORT 1979 N3337

The potential for increased solar application on public works projects.
Galvin, Charles O.
REPORT 1979 G139

Preventive medicine services for children in Colombia : a strategy for delivery
Krueger, Treila.
REPORT 1979 K935

Procedures for evaluating emergency medical service systems.
Wiggans, Richard Mason.
REPORT 1979 W638

Protecting access to solar energy in Texas : developing new law from old concepts.
Gooding, John Thomas.
REPORT 1979 G619

PSD : evolution and state implementation of a Federal policy.
Tombari, CarolSue.
REPORT 1979 T591

Public participation in administrative rulemaking : child care licensing in Texas.
Sampson, Ginger Rae.
REPORT 1979 SA48

Reorganization as policy : the temptation of a FHWA-UMTA merger.
Redford Award Winner.
Flynn, Gary Clark.
REPORT 1979 F679

Resident youth camps in Texas : recreational resource or health hazard?
Mayfield, Anne Elise.
REPORT 1979 M453

The Rural development act of 1972 : an assessment of devices and resources used to facilitate implementation in selected Rural Regional Planning Councils in Texas
Watson, Willie Don.
REPORT 1979 W339

Section 8 housing : cost and equity considerations of rising fair market rents.
Clark, Jeffrey Scott.
REPORT 1979 C548

Self-help in the CAE : an evaluation.
Hagelman, Charles William Theodore.
REPORT 1979 H12

Social impact assessment for Texas.
Rogers, Betty.
REPORT 1979 R63

State constitutional restrictions on the establishment of a public energy development bank.
Barish, Leon Jerome.
REPORT 1979 B239

Texas public school aid : a critical evaluation.
Junek, Larry Jay.
REPORT 1979 J953

"To tell the truth, laughing" : contemporary political satire and its effects on public policy.
Birnbaum, Ira Lee.
REPORT 1979 B537

Uranium severance taxes in Texas.
Campbell, Joel Ross.
REPORT 1979 C152

The Voting rights act : effects of Texas court cases.
Rios, Manuel.
REPORT 1979 R479

The wages of sin : legal gambling.
Pergamit, Ronald Ferris.
REPORT 1979 P416

Women in apprenticeship : the experience with goals and timetables in Texas.
Hilton, Janet Phyllis.
REPORT 1979 H565


Administrative processes in the Texas Senate.
Farrow, Larry Allen.
REPORT 1978 F246

Agricultural implications of groundwater depletion in the Texas high plains.
Kuykendall, Conway Chris.
REPORT 1978 K968

An analysis of current trends and future prospects of energy taxing policy in Texas.
Tolleson, Michael Rex.
REPORT 1978 T65

An analysis of fine, forfeiture, and penalty revenue, City of Austin, 1973-1977.
Kinch, Lilas Janice Shelby.
REPORT 1978 K583

An analysis of the legislative and regulatory outlook in selected coal states.
Johnson, George Scott.
REPORT 1978 J618

Austin's elderly system : options for the city.
Apfel, Kenneth Stephen.
REPORT 1978 AP23

Business investment in Houston : implications for public sector economic development policy.
Hall, John L.
REPORT 1978 H153

Campaignability : a measure of political success.
Bunkley, Crawford Benard.
REPORT 1978 B942

Capital capacity in rural Texas governments.
Edwards, Paul Alfred.
REPORT 1978 ED92

Contributions to Energy briefings.
Heitmann, Susan Gayle.
REPORT 1978 H364

Coordination of human service delivery systems : interagency linkages for the delivery of services to AFDC clients.
Nealy, Chauncey Stephen.
REPORT 1978 N265

A critical evaluation of the Administration's proposal to reduce and regulate undocumented immigration to the U.S.
Garza, Francisco Xavier.
REPORT 1978 G245

Developing a public policy for mariculture in Texas.
Dodson, James Albert.
REPORT 1978 D664

Development of a national energy efficient home award.
Walker, Shirley Anne.
REPORT 1978 W182

The dismal occupation : artists in Texas.
Wigington, Norman Monroe.
REPORT 1978 W637

Federal funding papers from the Legislative Budget Board internship.
Donelan, Albert Edward.
REPORT 1978 D68

Federal policies for the relief of drought : past, present, and future.
Dominus, Marc Ira.
REPORT 1978 D67

General revenue sources for Texas cities.
Hatton, Angela Agee.
REPORT 1978 H323

Housing production in an unstable political economy : the case of Santiago de Chile, 1970-1976.
Carmichael, Nancy Eileen.
REPORT 1978 C287

The impact of the Medicaid program on rural areas in Texas.
Whitfill, Aileen Catherine.
REPORT 1978 W587

Inclusion in the 1970s : the role of workers & clients in organization change.
Fisher, Bonnie Trina.
REPORT 1978 F533

An independent study project with the Texas Office of State-Federal Relations.
Solsbery, Howard Lee.
REPORT 1978 SO47

The influence of Federal, state, and local policies on school desegregation in the Austin, Texas Independent School Distict
Knisely, Colette Rose.
REPORT 1978 K714

Issues associated with Colorado water resources.
Palmer, Robert Curtis.
REPORT 1978 P176

The LEAA mini-block program in Texas : a case study.
Kulsrud, Barbara Kay Zeph.
REPORT 1978 K965

Lifeline electric utility rates and electric utility load management.
Dobbs, J. Chris.
REPORT 1978 D632

Local government idle funds management in Texas.
Redford Award Winner.
Duncan, Harley Thomas.
REPORT 1978 D9115

Position classification policies in the National Weather Service.
McCutcheon, Carroll.
REPORT 1978 M133

Protection of groundwater quality in Texas : regulatory controls over waste disposal.
Sayers, Mark Russell.
REPORT 1978 SA94

Public transportation in Texas : an institutional assessment.
Prestidge, J. R.
REPORT 1978 P924

Reapportionment in Texas : a preview of 1980.
Popp, James Edwin.
REPORT 1978 P815

Reappraising social security : historical, political, and economic analysis of the old-age and survivors, disability, and health insurance program through 1977, including a comprehensive recommendation for reform
Redford Award Winner.
Dunn, Jeffrey Dana.
REPORT 1978 D923

Reorganization of the Texas water agencies.
Doll, Laura Ring.
REPORT 1978 D665

Reasonable cost-related payments to Texas nursing homes.
Sims, Catherine Marie Uptain.
REPORT 1978 SI43

Resident displacement in historic neighborhoods.
Maneaty, Constance Marie.
REPORT 1978 M318

Status offenders in Texas : policies, programs and perspectives.
Hawkins, Albert.
REPORT 1978 H347

Stimulating urban economic development : an overview of public and private sector participation.
Juran, Ellen Maria.
REPORT 1978 J877

A study of fluidized bed combustion technologies.
Bodilly, Susan.
REPORT 1978 B667

A survey of revenue sources in Austin : charges for current services.
Hamilton, Peggy Ann Chesson.
REPORT 1978 H184

Taxation of capital income : correcting for inflation.
Rabovsky, Daniel Paul.
REPORT 1978 R116

Texas state institutions for dependent and neglected children : a changing profile.
Eskew, Sara Neal.
REPORT 1978 ES42

A victim assistance program for Travis County.
Duncan, David Rogers.
REPORT 1978 D91

Victim compensation in several states : a comparitive analysis.
Martin, Glenn Brian.
REPORT 1978 M35

Women in the federal service : the role of executive training programs in career advancement.
Stack, Mary Kay.
REPORT 1978 ST14

Youth grant development process for the Capital Area Manpower Consortium.
Patterson, Michael Morrow.
REPORT 1978 P266

Zero-based budgeting in the Texas Office of the Secretary of State.
Preston, Donald Elmer.
REPORT 1978 P927


No Reford Award Given.

Accountability and mandates in Texas elementary and secondary education : proposals for improvement.
Kamensky, John M.
REPORT 1977 K153

The beverage container issue : the need for a "bottle bill" in Texas.
Nicholson, Bob.
REPORT 1977 N624

The Bureau of Land Management and the Federal land policy and management act of 1976.
Huber, Marc.
REPORT 1977 H867

Citizen participation in three local revenue sharing programs : a case study.
Flores, Elsa.
REPORT 1977 F634

Comparative analysis of six locally sponsored municipal employee retirement systems in Texas.
Dydek, Barbara J.
REPORT 1977 D994

A crime and system's analysis of the six metropolitan areas in Texas and policy recommendations regarding allocation of resources
Beckett, Deborah Kay.
REPORT 1977 B396

Day care needs in Texas.
Tynan, Vicki.
REPORT 1977 T987

Dealing with status offenders : federal requirements and state responses.
Stotesbery, William D.
REPORT 1977 ST77

The development of a public institution : the LBJ School of Public Affairs.
Cooksey, Lynn.
REPORT 1977 C773

Economic denial of Cuba : an effective U.S. policy measure?
Seymour, Rita.
REPORT 1977 SE92

Economic development in low population density areas of a developed economy : the prospects and applications of the Pyrenees project
Riddle, John R.
REPORT 1977 R424

Energy conservation through state and local government purchasing in Texas : a legal-institutional analysis.
Farley, Robert C.
REPORT 1977 F18

Energy conservation through utility rate structure.
Roberts, Wayne R.
REPORT 1977 R526

The Federal grant application and tracking system of Boston city government.
Greene, Charles Reed.
REPORT 1977 G799

Federally sponsored employment programs for job creation in the private sector.
Rubenstein, Herbert T.
REPORT 1977 R892

The legal challenge to Austin's Creek Ordinance : a case study in environmental land use regulation at the municipal level
Kempner, Russell.
REPORT 1977 K327

The legal requirements and responsibilities of a nonprofit private health systems agency in Texas.
Young, Bonnie M.
REPORT 1977 Y68

Mexico's economic policies and their effect on migration since 1940.
Garces, Jorge C.
REPORT 1977 G195

Municipal lignite development in Texas : the Grimes County case.
Flippin, Marian Louise.
REPORT 1977 F626

Occupational licensing and Texas : a reorganizational study.
Weller, Gerald A.
REPORT 1977 W448

Parks and open space for Austin's tomorrow.
Grogan, Terry.
REPORT 1977 G884

Policy considerations of state-wide basic skills testing.
Engelking, Susan.
REPORT 1977 EN32

Political administration in the Texas Legislature.
Wigington, Norman Monroe.
REPORT 1977 W658

The political woman : a case study.
Jones, Ellen.
REPORT 1977 J714

Potential famine, emergency relief, and institutional applications of the NASA meal system.
Linsky, Norman M.
REPORT 1977 L646

The prevention of juvenile delinquency.
Smith, Sarah Marie.
REPORT 1977 SM65

Reform of the weapons acquisition process : an analysis of OMB Circular A-109.
Kaplan, Stan.
REPORT 1977 K176

Reforming vocational education at the federal level : from the Panel of Consultants to the General Accounting Office report
McDonald, Carol Lynette.
REPORT 1977 M142

Revenue reform through payments in lieu of taxes : the Texas case.
Hunt, John E.
REPORT 1977 H94

The roles of government in the financing of mental health services.
Hauber, Mary Ann.
REPORT 1977 H283

Strategies for effective housing code enforcement : state and local initiatives in Texas.
Davis, Cloteal.
REPORT 1977 D26

A study of the review and comment process, Governor's Budget and Planning Office.
Vallejo, Luis.
REPORT 1977 V182

Texas coal transportation policy.
Clark, Marshall D.
REPORT 1977 C574

The Texas health planning system.
Garza, Jesus.
REPORT 1977 G1987

Texas telecommunication satellite demonstration.
Smolen, Paul Neal.
REPORT 1977 SM75

They speak for the states : a survey and analysis of the state liaisons in Washington.
Fleming, Scott S.
REPORT 1977 F598

Three reports on health and human services in Austin and Travis County.
McCandless, Roy.
REPORT 1977 M122

The Westheimer breakaway and decentralization for large Texas school districts.
Lopez, Joe M.
REPORT 1977 L864

"Where are the job vacancies?" : seeking employment with the state of Texas, coordination of state job information, introduction of House Bill 628
Goyne, Mary Katherine.
REPORT 1977 G724

Working with fiscal impacts at the City of Austin's Budget Office.
Davis, Nancy.
REPORT 1977 D294

Zero-base budgeting and management by objectives in the Office of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
Bruns, Cathy Ridyard.
REPORT 1977 B7994


An affirmative action plan for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
Pegues, Mable Francine.
REPORT 1976 P376

American covert action.
Dear, James.
REPORT 1976 D384

An analysis of the legislative function of oversight responsibility for review of the executive.
Ireland, Evelyn F.

Back to the city : housing and the future of central Austin.
Langford, Debra.
REPORT 1976 L266

Biennial sessions and interim government in Texas.
Bartow, Roberta K.
REPORT 1976 B292

Budget information for the new congressional budget process : a case study of two problems.
Shillingburg, John D.

Budgeting and the Legislative Budget Board.
Beckett, Sheila W.
REPORT 1976 B376

Campus transportation systems.
Weingarten, Peter.
REPORT 1976 W423

A case study : impacts on the decisions of a city councilman.
Jefferis, Frank D.
REPORT 1976 J366

Citizen surveys for city governments.
Lemonias, Peter.
REPORT 1976 L543

Civilian review boards for processing complaints of police misconduct.
Friedhoff, Daniel J.
REPORT 1976 F899

Common Cause of Texas : an organizational state study.
Klauser, Christine Cornell.
REPORT 1976 K656

Controlling special interests in regulatory activities : legislative responses.
Zorn, Frances.
REPORT 1976 Z88

The criminal justice system in Texas : problems, needs, resources.
Macdonald, Malcolm.
REPORT 1976 M144

Description of the independent research project of Dale Whittington with the National Commission on Water Quality.
Whittington, Dale.
REPORT 1976 W626

The Drag vendors.
Faubion, Michael.
REPORT 1976 F277

The effect of the Federal elections campaign act and the Federal Elections Commission on presidential campaigns : the case of direct mail.
Moore, Walter K.
REPORT 1976 M768

Feasibility study on the establishment of a Texas code of administrative rules.
Schwartz, Herman Michael.

The female offender/exoffender.
Wilson, Peggy.
REPORT 1976 W695

General Revenue Sharing: Issues for Texas government finance.
Redford Award Winner
Deck, Glenn E.
Not available in the Public Affairs Library

Governor's internship : Texas Criminal Justice Division, Offices of Governor Dolph Briscoe.
Kimball, Kirk I.
REPORT 1976 K556

Historic preservation guidelines : Texas-1976.
Kennedy, Christie Ann.
REPORT 1976 K382

Interlocal governmental relations and the City of Austin : a review and comment.
Byron, Bruce B.
REPORT 1976 B996

Internship report, Criminal Justice Division of the Texas Governor's Office.
Stotesbery, William D.
REPORT 1976 ST74

Mandatory release for Texas.
Roberson, Gregory A.
REPORT 1976 R578

Municipal expenditure patterns of Texas cities.
Murphy, Joseph E.
REPORT 1976 M953

A new zoning ordinance for Austin, Texas : background and analysis.
Love, Katherine B.
REPORT 1976 L94

The organizational structure and social service involvement of Texas cities.
Motter, Joseph L.
REPORT 1976 M922

Parks and recreation resources and expenditures in 20 Texas cities.
Perry, David
REPORT 1976 P458

Productivity in the delivery of emergency medical services.
Rose, Leilani.
REPORT 1976 R724

Property tax administration by Texas school districts.
Whittier, Julius E.
REPORT 1976 W625

Quality of service regulations, Public Utility Commission.
Coursey, Mary Ann.
REPORT 1976 C837

Regional education service centers in Texas : interim report.
Myers, Cis.
REPORT 1976 M996

Regionalism and ruralism : the Texas experience.
Sturzl, Frank.
REPORT 1976 ST97

Regression models for predicting presidential elections.
Hendrickson, Mark.
REPORT 1976 H386

Research design for a state-wide analysis of the rental assistance payments program.
Look, Linda.
REPORT 1976 L863

Revenue capacity and effort in selected Texas cities : a report to the Texas Municipal League.
Casey, Daniel T.
REPORT 1976 C276

School busing and its effects on participation in student activities : the case of Texas.
Davis, Norman
REPORT 1976 D294

Separate but equal? : U.S. policy toward Brazil, 1959-1964.
Parker, Phyllis.
REPORT 1976 P242

Staffing the Speaker's office.
Cartwright, Deborah S.
REPORT 1976 C248

A study of non-tax revenues in Texas cities.
McRaven, Nan.
REPORT 1976 M184

A study of reorganization alternatives for Texas professional and occupational regulatory agencies.
McCoy, Melanie.
REPORT 1976 M134

A study of the establishment and operation of a National Youth Service
Giles, Al.
REPORT 1976 G372

A study of the feasibility of a central personnel agency for Texas.
Katz, Martha
REPORT 1976 K188

Substate planning in the criminal justice system : a case study of two state planning agencies.
Winnig, Gwen.
REPORT 1976 W776

Taxing refineries in Texas : why we can, why we can't, and why we don't need to.
Broberg, Bruce Arthur.
REPORT 1976 B783

The Texas county : the role of the county commissioners court in public policy formation.
Rue, Richard C.
REPORT 1976 R918

Urban needs in Texas, 1976 : an initial assessment (UNITE-76).
Eisenberg, Larry.
REPORT 1976 EI83


The A-95 review and comment process in Texas.
Parness, Barbara.
REPORT 1975 P256

American defense policy : its impact upon general purpose forces.
Allerhand, Chet.
REPORT 1975 AL34

An analysis of the Texas legal system handling post-conviction writs of habeas corpus.
Cowden, Herbert L.
REPORT 1975 C835

Approaches to Texas constitution revision, 1973-1975.
Sieman, Patricia A.
REPORT 1975 SI17

The City of Austin's Equal Employment Opportunity Program.
Mitchell, James H.
REPORT 1975 M688

Community indicators for your city.
Godfrey, Jan E.
REPORT 1975 G583

Corrections personnel training and education : the development of a comprehensive program for Texas.
Sewell, Carrie H.
REPORT 1975 SE86

The development of a management information system in the Texas Department of Public Welfare.
Powell, Lee.
REPORT 1975 P884

The emerging state and substate role in Section 701 comprehensive planning and management assistance : increasing the management capacities of local governments
Evans, Chris
REPORT 1975 EV15

Feasibility study on the development of a Texas register.
Lalla, Bill.
REPORT 1975 L196

Final report of the Geothermal Energy Research Project.
Frederick, Dan.
REPORT 1975 F852

Free trade as a future U.S. sugar policy.
Fege, David C.
REPORT 1975 F295

Independent project.
Owens, Bill.

Industrial development in South Texas.
West, David B.
REPORT 1975 W513

Organization and management in the Community Development Branch of the Texas Department of Community Affairs.
Hamilton, Billy C.
REPORT 1975 H213

Perceptions of a change in power : the speakerships of Price Daniel, Jr. and Billy Wayne Clayton.
Bernstein, Peter, composer
REPORT 1975 B456

Report on market value studies in other states.
Deegear, Dennis.
REPORT 1975 D31

Report to the Texas House of Representatives on telephone utility regulation.
Hart, Jane Anne.
REPORT 1975 H248

Rural housing opportunities in Texas.
Black, David
REPORT 1975 B558

Senate Bill 1, the emergency pay raise for state employees : case study.
Lenhart, William C.
REPORT 1975 L547

A Texas public transportation trust fund.
Jeffery, William Craig.
REPORT 1975 J455

Transportation systems for human service recipients.
Harte, Traci.
REPORT 1975 H253

The use of a performance management system in the CETA Manpower Program.
Garvey, Patrick J.
REPORT 1975 G244

Zero-base budget implementation in Texas.
Rymal, Greta Medcalf.
REPORT 1975 R995


Austin Tomorrow : insights into a citizens' goals program.
Stouffer, Kay.
REPORT 1974 ST78

Final report : independent research project conducted in the office of Senator Lloyd Bentsen.
Hutsell, Michael J.
REPORT 1974 H98

The impact of P.L. 92-603, P.L. 93-66 and P.L. 93-233 on Medicaid in Texas.
Korstad, Stephen.
REPORT 1974 K846

Initial efforts : implementation of program evaluation in Texas.
Cherrington, Linda Kay.
REPORT 1974 C458

Prevocational training for welfare recipients : an evaluation of joint programs administered by the Texas Rehabilitation Commission and the Texas Dept. of Public Welfare
Bechtold, Sharon.
REPORT 1974 B386

The promise of Texas primaries.
Shoemaker, Jean.
REPORT 1974 SH76

Public policy and the steady state.
Blackerby, Phillip S.
REPORT 1974 B563

Report of the Mapping Advisory Council to the Legislative Property Tax Committee.
Tate, Richard L.
REPORT 1974 T217


Commentary on Article VIII, Texas Constitution.
Moeller, Mike.
REPORT 1973 M718

Proposed Austin environmental policy ordinance, second draft, January 15, 1973, as amended by board action, January 30, 1973
Jolly, David
REPORT 1973 J75

Protecting the environment in Texas.
Hill, J. Graham.
REPORT 1973 H553


Austin and its extraterritorial area : land use controls.
McCammon, John B.
REPORT 1972 M122