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Selected Print Reference Materials

Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology. edited by Christopher Morris. San Diego : Academic Press, c1991.
Q 123 A33 1991 MSL

Aransas : A Naturalist's Guide. Wayne H. McAlister and Martha K. McAlister. 1st ed. Austin : University of Texas Press, 1995.
QH 105 T4 M37 1995 MSL

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QL 134 F66 MSL

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QK 125 T4 U5 MSL

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QD 65 H3 78TH 1997/98 MSL

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QH 345 M5583 v. 1-2 MSL

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QA 47 M315 30TH 1996 MSL

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QH 1 A215 no. 13 MSL

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TP 9 H65 1992 MSL

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RA 1193 H63 1998 MSL

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QL 35 B55 MSL

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QH 90.2 S63 1999 MSL

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GC 1085 E52 2000 MSL

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QC 854 F34 MSL

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QP 251 E635 1998 MSL

A Field Guide to Shells of the Texas Coast. by Jean Andrews. Houston, Tex. : Gulf Pub. Co., c1992.
QL 415 T4 A63 1992 MSL

A Field Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Central America. by L. Irby Davis. Color plates by F. P. Bennett, Jr. Austin, University of Texas Press. 1972.
QL 687 A1 D38 MSL

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QK 188 J6 MSL

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SH 411 M18 MSL

A Manual of Chemical and Biological Methods for Seawater Analysis. Timothy R. Parsons, Yoshiaki Maita and Carol. M. Lalli. 1st ed. Oxford (Oxfordshire) ; New York : Pergamon Press, 1984.
GC 101.2 P37 1989 MSL

Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas. by Donovan Stewart Correll and Marshall Conring Johnston and collaborators. Renner, Texas Research Foundation, 1970.
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Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers. John R. Fanchi. New York : Wiley, c1997.
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QL 637.5 S55 1997 MSL

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QK 571 A8 S427 1998 MSL

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QL 100 H33 MSL

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QL 100 L36 1997 MSL

A Practical Guide to the Marine Animals of Northeastern North America. Leland W. Pollock. New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c1998.
QL 157 A84 P65 1998 MSL

Saltwater Fishes of Texas : a Guide to Knowing and Catching Bay and Gulf Fishes. editor, Georg Zappler. Rev. 1993 ed. Austin, Tex. : Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept., 1993.
QL 628 T4 S35 1993 MSL

The Sea-Beach at Ebb-Tide; A Guide to the Study of the Seaweeds and the Lower Animal Life Found Between Tidemarks. Augusta Foote Arnold. New York, Dover Publications. 1968.
QH 95.7 A7 1968 MSL

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QL 415 T4 A64 MSL

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QL 121 S42 1996 MSL

The Seaside Naturalist : A Guide to Nature Study at the Seashore. by Deborah A. Coulombe, in cooperation with the University of New Hampshire. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c1984.
QH 95.7 C68 1984 MSL

Shells and Shores of Texas. by Jean Andrews ; foreword by William J. Clench. Austin : University of Texas Press, c1977.
QL 415 T4 A64 1977 MSL

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QL 666 O6 T46 1984 MSL

Splendors of the Seas. The photographs of Norbert Wu ; design by Lee Riddell ; illustrations by Priscilla Marden. (S.l.) : Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Inc., c1994.
TR 800 W82 1994 MSL

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater : Including Bottom Sediments and Sludges. prepared and published jointly by American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, Water Pollution Control Federation. New York : American Public Health Association, c1960-
QD 142 A5 20TH 1998 MSL

The Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data. John Mandel. New York, Interscience Publishers. 1964
Q 175 M343 MSL

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QA 276 R624 1984 MSL

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QH 405 B5 MSL

Stedman's Medical Dictionary. 27th ed. Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2000.
R 121 S8 2000 MSL

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QH 83 S89 v.1-2 MSL

Texas Shells : A Field Guide. Jean Andrews ; (photos. by Jean Bowers Gates). Austin : University of Texas Press, c1981.
QL 415 T4 A65 MSL

Texas Wildflowers : A Field Guide. by Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller ; Lynn Sherrod, technical editor ; foreword by Lady Bird Johnson. 1st ed. Austin : University of Texas Press, 1984.
QK 188 L68 1984 MSL

Through the Looking Glass : A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants. Susan Borman, Robert Korth, Jo Temte ; illustrations, Carol Watkins. Stevens Point, Wis. : Wisconsin Lakes Partnership, c1997.
QK 102 B67 1997 MSL

The Tidemarsh Guide. Roberts, Mervin F. 1st ed. New York. 1979. 
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The Tidemarsh Guide to Fishes. by Mervin F. Roberts ; illustrated by Mark S. McNair, H.L. Todd and others. 1st ed. Old Saybrook, Conn. : Saybrook Press, c1985.
QL 639 R814 1985 MSL

U.S. Directory of Marine Scientists. 1982. Washington, D.C. 1982.
GC 30 A1 U16 1982 MSL

Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia. Douglas M. Considine, editor ; Glenn D. Considine, managing editor. 7th ed. New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1989 (i.e. 1988).
Q 121 V3 1988 MSL

The Whooping Crane : A Comeback Story. by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent ; photographs by William Munoz. New York : Clarion Books, c1988.
QL 696 G84 P38 1988 MSL

World Guide to Tropical Drift Seeds and Fruits. Charles R. Gunn and John V. Dennis ; ill. by Pamela J. Paradine. New York : Quadrangle/New York Times Book Co., c1976.
QK 660 G84 1976 MSL

The Wiley/NBS registry of mass spectral data. McLafferty, Fred W. New York, 1989
QC 454 M3 M395 1989 MSL



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