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Marine Science Theses and Dissertations Author Index : 1931 - 2015

The Master's Theses and PhD Dissertations shown in this table were completed at the University of Texas at Austin in various disciplines. This author index encompasses the years 1931-2014 and also includes non UT students who did all or part of their research at the Marine Science Institute (*).

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Agostoni, Marco Genetic analysis of nitrogen assimilation in the Texas brown tide Aureoumbra lagunensis 2010 MS Erdner
Aguirre, Juan X. Natural ingestion rates and the vertical distribution of copepods in the Gulf of Mexico, and an investigation of the gut fluorescence method 1984 MA Checkley
Aldridge, James B. Structure and respiratory function in the gills of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus (Rathbun) 1977 MA Cameron
Alexander, Heather D. Effects of soil salinity, inorganic nitrogen and freshwater inflow on the vegetation of a hypersaline salt marsh 2000 MS Dunton
Alvarez, Maria Del Carmen Significance of environmentally realistic levels of selected contaminants to ecological performance of fish larvae : effects of atrazine, malathion, and methylmercury 2005 PhD Fuiman
Amdurer, Michael Geochemistry, hydrology, and mineralogy of noncarbonated coastal sabkha, Lguna Madre, Texas 1978 MA Land
Amon, Rainer Maria W. Microbial and photochemical degradation of dissolved organic matter in aquatic ecosystems 1995 PhD Benner
Anderson, Brian R. Ecological implications of isotopic evidence for varying input of organic matter into sediments of Baffin Bay, Texas 1990 MA Parker
Anderson, Richard K. Fatty acids and hydrocarbons of selected blue-green algae 1979 MA Parker
Anderson, Richard K. Organic geochemistry of an oil and gas seep in northern Gulf of Mexico sediments 1984 PhD Parker
Anderson, Steven M. An investigation into the effects of light intensity on nitrate and nitrite excretion and uptake by Chaetoceros curvisetus (STX-200) 1980 PhD Roels
Andrews, Peter B. Facies and genesis of a hurricane washover fan, St. Joseph Island, central Texas coast 1967 PhD Scott
Anepohl, Jane K. Seasonal distribution of living benthonic Foraminifera of the south Texas outer continental shelf 1976 MA Young
Applebaum, Scott L. Evaluation of the digestive protease, chymotrypsin, as an indicator of nutritional condition in larval red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) 2001 MS Holt
Applebaum, Scott L. Regulation of elements of the thyroid hormone and corticosteroid systems by stress, hormone treatment, and atrazine during ontogeny of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) 2008 PhD Nunez
Armstrong, James E. Isolation and biological activity of a siderochrome from the blue-green alga, Agmenellum quadruplicatum 1977 PhD Van Baalen
Ashcraft, Tamara M. Primary production of the microphytobenthos in Nueces Estuary 2003 MS Villareal
Aumack, Craig F. Linking water turbidity and TSS loading to kelp productivity within the Stefansson Sound Boulder Patch 2003 MS Dunton
Baguley, Jeffrey G. Meiofauna community structure and function in the northern Gulf of Mexico deep sea 2004 PhD Montagna
Banerjee, Ananyo Molecular cloning of FSH and LH [beta] subunits and their regulation by estrogen in Atlantic croaker 2007 MS Khan
Banks, Michael A. Age-linked changes in the salinity tolerance of spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) larvae 1988 MS* Wakeman
Batterton, Carol Sue V. Characteristics of ventilation in Callinectes sapidus (Rathbun) 1977 MA Cameron
Batterton, John C. Studies of the phosphorus deficient state in the blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans 1967 MA Van Baalen
Batterton, John C. A study of halotolerance in blue-green algae 1970 PhD Van Baalen
Battle, Paul R. Novel live feed enrichments to enhance marine larval fish population 2010 MS* Holt
Bechtel, Timothy J. Fish species diversity indices as pollution indicators in Galveston Bay, Texas 1970 MA Copeland
Beitz, Berry E. Studies on osmoregulation and endocrine control of osmoregulation in the Atlantic stingray, Dasyatis sabina 1974 MA Sage
Benninghoff, Abby D. Signal transduction pathways regulating steroidogenesis in the ovary of Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) 2004 PhD Thomas
Bernal, Moises Hybridization and divergent selection shaped the evolutionary history of sympatric sister-species of grunts (genus: Haemulon) 2015 PhD Erdner
Beyers, Robert J. The metabolism of twelve aquatic laboratory microecosystems 1962 PhD Odum
Biersmith, Andrew P. The origin and composition of dissolved carbohydrates in seawater 1997 MA Benner
Bird, Jerry L. Relationships between vertical distributions of zooplankton and phytoplankton on the Texas continental shelf and in laboratory water columns 1981 PhD Kamydowski
Birke, Lawrence E. Development of a blue-green algal assay for vitamin B-12; application to an ecological study of the San Antonio estuary 1968 MA Copeland
Birkhead, William S. The comparative toxicity of Ariid and Ictalurid catfish stings and a quantitative assessment of their protective function 1968 PhD Hubbs
Bishop, Karen A. Freshwater contributions and nitrogen sources in a South Texas estuarine ecosystem : a time-integrated story from stable isotope ratios in the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) 2012 MS McClelland
Bittler, Kimberly M. The ecology of blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) megalopae in the Mission-Aransas Estuary, Texas: salinity, settlement, and transport 2013 MS Buskey
Braun, Alyssa M. The effects of androgens on steroidogenesis in the ovary of Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) : mechanism of action, the biochemical characterization of a membrane androgen receptor, and the chronic effects of exposure to an environmental antiandrogen 2002 PhD Thomas
Breier, John A. Quantifying groundwater discharge to Texas Coastal Bend estuaries 2006 PhD Edmonds
Brinkmeyer, Robin L. The response of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) larvae to total dietary lipid and varied polyunsaturated fatty acids 1993 MA Fuiman
Brown, Billy A. Exchange of nitrogen and phosphorous with sediments of the brackish water marshes of Lavaca Bay, Texas 1975 MS Armstrong
Brown, Charles R. The physiological basis of specific dynamic action: the relationship between protein synthesis and oxygen consumption in Ictalurus punctatus 1988 PhD Cameron
Brown, Colbi G. A multi-year study of summer diatom blooms in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre 2010 MS Villareal
Brown, Elizabeth Ann Defining the metabolic compensation pathways employed during low-level hypercapnia in red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) 2015 MS Esbaugh
Brown, Susan L. Microzooplankton grazing along the northwestern continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico 1994 MA Buskey
Brunet, Carlos Coral feeding rates and food resource selectivity in response to various densities of naturally occurring zooplankton 1982 MA Kitting
Bryne, James R. Holocene depositional history of Lavaca Bay, central Texas gulf coast 1975 PhD Jonas
Budiantara, Lestarini D. The effects of water-soluble fractions of diesel oil on reproductive endocrine function in the female Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) 1994 MA Thomas
Burgess, Robert S. Bioassessment of sediment quality near storm water outfalls and other sites of concern in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas 1999 MA  Montagna
Calder, John A. Carbon isotope effects in biochemical and geochemical systems 1969 PhD Parker
Campbell, Jena R. The role of protozoan grazers in harmful algal bloom dynamics: tools for community and grazing analyses 2012 PhD Buskey
Cameron, James N. Seasonal changes in the ecology, respiration and hematology of the pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides (Linnaeus), in Redfish Bay, Texas 1969 PhD Wohlschlag
Carr, Roseanne Field and culture studies of the diatom genus Biddulphia in the Gulf of Mexico 1972 MA Van Baalen
Carreon Martinez, Lucia B. Development of a multiplex PCR assay for identification of sciaenid eggs  2006 MS Holt
Carreon Martinez, Lucia B. River plume effects on larval yellow perch (Perca flavescens) survival and predation in the western basin of Lake Erie 2012 PhD* Collins
Caughey, Michael E. Biogeochemistry of organic matter deposition and diagenesis in Bering-Chuckchi and Gulf of Mexico sediments  1988 PhD Parker
Cech, Joseph J. Respiratory responses of the striped mullet, Mugil cephalus, to three envrionmental stresses 1970 MA Wohlschlag
Cech, Joseph J. Seasonal and short term respiratory, cardiovascular, and hematological responses of the striped mullet, Mugil cephalus L., to seasonal termperature extremes, with information on striped mullet growth rates in South Texas coastal waters 1973 PhD Wohlschlag
Charlton, Milton P. Parameters of transmitter release in squid neuronal synapses 1976 PhD Bittner
Chavez, Pedro I. A comparison of the alkaloids of the fasciated and non-fasciated stems in two species of Sophora 1981 PhD Sullivan
Chen, Feng Detection, classification, genetic diversity and molecular evolution of algal viruses based on DNA polymerase genes 1995 PhD Suttle
Choucair, Paul A quantitative survey of the ichthyofauna of Arrecife de Enmedio, Veracruz, Mexico 1992 MS*  
Clark, George G. Evaluation of loading on water quality attributable to non-point sources 1973 MA  
Clark, Lauren L. Composition and cycling of marine organic phosphorus 2000 PhD Ingall
Cole, James F. Numerical analysis of trawled benthic fishes from the South Texas outer continental shelf 1977 MA Wohlschlag
Collins, James H. Effects of salinity on the respiratory metabolism of Mugil cephalus 1974 MA Wohlschlag
Collumb, Christopher J. Mesozooplankton population dynamics : factors affecting reproduction and predation  2000 PhD Buskey
Conley, Mary F. Effect of a persistent brown tide bloom on macroinfaunal communities in the Baffin Bay and Laguna Madre, Texas 1996 MA Montagna
Cooper, David C. Ecological parameters concerning the zooplankton community of the San Antonio estuarine system 1967 MA Copeland
Cooper, David C. Responses of continuous-series estuarine microecosystems to point-source input variations 1970 PhD Copeland
Cottrell, Matthew T. Ecology of viruses which lyse the photosynthetic marine picoflagellate Micromonas pusilla 1995 PhD Suttle
Craig, Steve The effects of enriching live foods with highly unsaturated fatty acids on the growth and fatty acid composition of larval red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), Linnaeus 1989 MS*  
Crocker, Philip A. Survival response, blood osmolality shift and growth of juvenile red drum in freshwater 1981 MS* DeBoer
Crompton, W. Douglas Laboratory culture and larval development of the peppermint shrimp, Lysmata wurdemanni Gibbes (Caridae [i.e. Caridea]: Hippolytidae) 1992 MS* Holt
Curry, David J. The organic geochemistry of kerogen and humic acids in recent sediments from the Gulf of Mexico 1981 PhD Parker
Czerny, Andrew B. Growth and photosynthetic responses of two subtropical seagrasses, Thalassia testudinum and Halodule wrightii to in situ manipulation of irradiance 1994 MA Dunton
Darnell, Kelly M. Understanding factors that control seagrass reproductive success in sub-tropical ecosystems 2014 PhD Dunton
Davis, Richard F. Measurement of primary production in turbid waters 1986 MA Cullen
Dawson, Anita J. The role of plants in nutrient exchange in the Lavaca Bay brackish marsh system 1975 MS Armstrong
Day, Richard H. Growth rates of three species of mangroves bordering Laguna de Terminos, Campeche, Mexico  1990 MA McMillan and Dunton
Dempsey, Amy C. Ecological role of bacteria in the digestive tract of Penaeid shrimp 1984 MA Kitting and Rosson
Detweiler, Charles D. Regulation of sperm motility and testicular steroid production in the Atlantic croaker 1997 MA  
Di Cocco, Jennifer L. Reproductive success in Atlantic croaker, Micropogonias undulatus (Linnaeus), collected from Galveston Bay, Texas : study of a mixed contaminant estuary 1994 MA Thomas
Dibble, John M. Inorganic nitrogen uptake by two kelp species, Laminaria solidungula and Laminaria saccharina, in the Alaskan high arctic 1995 MA  
Dirnberger, Joseph M. Variable settlement of planktonic larvae in a marine benthic population : Spirorbis spirillum (Polychaeta: Spirobidae) settling on blades of the seagrass Thalassia testudinum 1989 PhD Kitting
Ditty, James G. Ontogeny and intervals of development in five reef-associated species of blenny from the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Teleostei: Blenniidae) 2002 PhD* Shaw
Dodson, James A. Developing a public policy for mariculture in Texas 1978 MPA  
Drescher, Kristen C. Investigation of the RNA:DNA ratios of laboratory reared and field caught larval red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) 1995 MA  
Dressing, Gwen E. Membrane progestin receptor expression, signaling and function in reproductive somatic cells of female vertebrates 2008 PhD Thomas
Drewry, George E. Some observations of courtship behavior and sound production in five species of Fundulus 1962 MA Hubbs 
Dzaugis, Matthew Importance of a northern Gulf of Mexico spring transition as inferred by marine fish biochronologies 2016 MS Black
Eldred, James W. Factors influencing aggression and cannibalism among blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus  1986 MA  
Elias, Robert W. The role of seagrasses and benthic algae in the biogeochemistry of trace metals in Texas estuaries 1973 PhD Smith
Entzeroth, Lee C. Particulate matter and organic sedimentation on the continental shelf and slope of the Northwest Gulf of Mexico 1982 PhD Parker
Estep, Marilyn Louise F. Carbon isotope fractionation by ribulose 1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase from various organisms 1977 PhD Van Baalen
Evans, Andrew N. Evidence supporting a dual glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid role for the elasmobranch 1[alpha]-hydroxycorticosterone 2008 PhD Nunez
Evans, James C. Statistical discrimination analysis 1976 MA John
Evans, Meredith Evaluation of petroleum hydrocarbon weathering on coastal Louisiana beaches and salt marshes following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill usingramped pyrolysis – gas chromatography – mass spectrometry 2016 MS Liu
Fajardo, Elizabeth D. The effect of vibrio anguillarum endotoxin on carbohydrate metabolism and cortisol actions in red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus 1989 MS*  
Faulk, Cynthia K. Effect of parental exposure to o,p'-DDT on the behavior of Atlantic croaker, Micropogonias undulatus, larvae 1997 MA Fuiman
Fellows, Kelly A. Impacts of human disturbances on seagrass communities in the Padre Island National Seashore 2004 MS Dunton
Fencil, Megan C. Effects of post-settlement habitat use and biotic interactions on survival of the seagrass-associated fish red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) 2009 PhD Holt
Fernandez, Anna C.  The effect of temperature on larval fish growth: changes in RNA:DNA ratios of larval red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) 1997 MA Holt
Fines, Barrett C. Chitinase activity and apparent digestibility of chitin in the digestive tract of juvenile cobia, Rachycentron canadum 2009 MS Holt
Firth, Crystaline The role of Acartia tonsa in red tide (Karenia brevis) bloom dynamics: bloom suppressor, initiator or innocent bystander?  2004 MS Buskey
Fitzgerald, Amanda C. Bisphenol A, and Three Related Alkylphenols Exert Rapid Estrogenic Actions on Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Oocytes to Maintain Meiotic Arrest 2014 MS Thomas
Foster, Charles R.  Population and migration trends of coastal birds on Mustang Island, Texas 2007 MS Fuiman
Frishman, Steven A. Geochemistry of oolites, Baffin Bay, Texas 1969 MA Behrens
Fry, Brian D. Stable carbon isotope ratios : a tool for tracing food chains 1977 MA Parker
Fry. Brian D. Tracing shrimp migrations and diets using natural variations in stable isotopes 1981 PhD Kitting
Gad, Shayne C. Pharmacological evaluation of agents from the blue-green algae Oscillatoria williamseii and Agmenellum quadruplicatum 1977 PhD Brown
Garza, Delfino R. In situ production and decay of marine viruses 1996 MA  
Gearing, Patrick J. A study of the effect of Tc-99 pertechnetate on blue-green algae 1970 MA Parker
Gearing, Patrick J. Organic carbon stable isotope ratios of continental margin sediments 1975 PhD Parker
Gemmell, Bradford J. Evasion from predation : the perilous life of planktonic copepods throughout development 2011 PhD Buskey
Gillespie, Terry S. The florula of Mustang Island, Texas 1968 MA Johnston
Gotto, John W.  The physiology of nitrogen fixation in blue-green algae 1980 PhD Van Baalen
Gourley, John E. Habitat discrimination by nekton between adjacent Thalassia testudinum and Halodule wrightii seagrass meadows in a south Texas embayment 1989 MS*  
Greenwood, Steven M.  Some effects of oil pollution on the growth rate, 'r', of a rotifer population 1977 MA  
Griffin, Claire Dissolved organic matter in major rivers across the Pan-Arctic from remote sensing 2016 PhD McClelland
Gunter, Gunter P.  Electric correlation potentials in the mantle of Anadonta ...  1931 MA Lund
Gunter, Gunter P. Studies on marine fishes of Texas: relative abundance and cyclic behavior related to salinity and temperature 1945 PhD Lund
Gunter, Michael P. Studies on the time course of acclimation to salinity changes in juvenile spotted seatrout and red drum 1979 MA Wohlschlag
Gwo, Jin-Chywan Cryopreservation of Atlantic croaker spermatozoa : optimization of procedures, evaluation of morphological changes, and assessment of motility 1989 PhD* Strawn and Arnold
Haberer, Jaime L. A scalable HPLC method to determine soluble reactive phosphate (SRP) in freshwater and saltwater 2002 MS Brandes
Haley, Samuel R. Reproductive biology of the Texas ghost crab, Ocypode albicans Bosc (Decapoda: Ocypodidae) 1967 PhD Jacobson
Harris, Caleb M. Examination of the role of different classes of progesterone receptors in oocyte maturation in zebrafish, Danio rerio  2007 MS Thomas
Harvey, Tracy E. Effects of crude oil, chemical dispersant, and UV radiation on copepod Nauplii from the Gulf of Mexico 2015 MS Buskey
Harwood, Roderick J. Community reconstruction in benthic paleoenvironments : trophic structure in living and dead macroinvertebrate associations, Corpus Christi and Aransas Bay systems, Texas 1980 PhD Scott
Havel, Lisa N. Habitat selection: how sensory systems influence settlement patterns in larval red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) 2014 PhD Fuiman
Hawkins, Mary B. The identification and characterization of three distinct estrogen receptor subtypes in a teleost fish, the Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) 2002 PhD Thomas
Hayes, Miles O. Sedimentation on a semiarid, wave-dominated coast (South Texas) with emphasis on a hurricane effects 1965 PhD  
Hedges, John I. Lignin compounds as indicators of terrestrial organic matter in marine sediments 1975 PhD Parker
Hedgpeth, Joel W. Ecological and distributional relationships of marine and brackish water invertebrates of the coasts of Texas and Louisiana 1951 PhD* Durham
Hellier, Thomas R. Fish production studies in relation to photosynthesis in the Laguna Madre of Texas 1961 PhD  
Henry, Raymond P. The role of branchial carbonic anhydrase in respiration, ion regulation and acid-base balance in two species of decapod crustaceans : the aquatic Callinectes sapidus and the terrestrial Gecarcinus lateralis 1981 PhD Cameron
Hensgen, Geoffrey M. The effects of habitat fragmentation on the diversity and community structure of nekton inhabiting subtropical seagrass meadows 2011 MS Holt
Herber, Jon P. Holocene sediments under Laguna Madre, Cameron County, Texas 1981 MA Young
Hermosillo, Xana Estimating Trichodesmium contribution to chlorophyll and biogenic Fe in the Gulf of Mexico using an in-situ imaging system 2015 MS Villareal
Herzka, Sharon Z. Photosynthetic performance and carbon balance of the seagrass Thalassia testudinum in Texas 1996 MA Dunton
Herzka, Sharon Z. Characterization of the recruitment patterns of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) larvae to estuarine nursery habitat using stable isotopes as natural tracers of settlement  2000 PhD Holt
Heston, Adrian O. Effects of salinity variations upon the potassium and sodium concentrations of the tissue fluid of the anemone, Bunodosoma cavernata 1977 MA Sage
Higgs, Dennis M. Interrelations between sensory development and habitat change in Clupeoid larvae 1996 PhD Fuiman
Hildebrand, Henry H. A survey of the shallow water fauna of the commercial brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus Ives, grounds in the western Gulf of Mexico 1954 PhD Gunter
Hitzfelder, Glenn M. Optimal rearing density of larval Cobia, Rachycentron Canadum, in a recirculating aquaculture system 2004 MS* Holt
Hoese, Hinton D. Spawning of marine fishes in the Port Aransas, Texas area as determined by the distribution of young and larvae 1965 PhD Hubbs
Hoff, Gerald R. Environmental and biological factors affecting incorporation of organic and inorganic constituents into otoliths of red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus 1992 MA Fuiman
Holmberg, Tara J. Epibiont recruitment on a hard-bottom continental shelf habitat in the northern Gulf of Mexico 2000 MA Montagna
Hoover, Richard A. Physiography and surface sediment facies of a recent tidal delta, Harbor Island, Central Texas coast 1968 PhD Scott
Hoppe, Kellie S. The sinking rate and transparent exopolymer particle (TEP) production of Hemiaulus hauckii 2013 MS Villareal
Hoskin, Charles M. Recent carbonate sedimentation on Alacran Reef, Yucatan, Mexico 1962 PhD Falk
Huh, Sung-Hoi Seasonal variations and trophic relationships among concentrated populations of small fishes in seagrass meadows 1983 PhD Kitting
Hurley, Leah E. A. Spatial variability in the stable isotope and lipid composition of coral tissues (Porites compressa) 2008 MS Pease
Ilg, Ronald J. Juvenile sciaenid salinity responses, and an investigation of schooling, serum osmolality, swimming performance and muscle development 1980 PhD Wohlschlag
Ingram, Lonnie O. Mutations and cell division in blue-green algae 1971 PhD Van Baalen
Jackson, Peter R. A study of the role of cortisol in the osmoregulatory behavior of a teleost, Mugil cephalus 1973 MA Sage
Jackson, Rodney G. A study of the thyroid-pituitary relationship in an Elasmobranch, Dasvatis sabina 1973 MA Sage
Jackson, Rodney G. Effects of zinc and mercury on the white shrimp, Penaeus setiferus 1975 PhD Oppenheimer
Jeng, Woei-Lih Studies of the isotope chemistry of molecular oxygen in biological systems 1976 PhD Parker
Jewett-Smith, Jerilyn The seagrass and its epiphytic diatoms : a field and laboratory investigation 1989 PhD Van Baalen and McMillan
Jirsa, David O. The effect of dietary nutrient density on water quality and growth of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) in closed systems 1994 MA  
Jones, Darrell K. Organic and inorganic carbon in the recent sediments of the open Gulf, barrier island and bay environments Mustang Island, Texas 1960 MA Kornicker
Jones, Robert S. A review of the genus Micropogon (Sciaenidae) 1964 MA Briggs
Juedes, Marlene J. Effect of lead on glutathione levels in Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) 1985 MS* Thomas
Kaldy, James E. Production dynamics, reproductive ecology and demography of Thalassia testudinum (turtle grass) from the lower Laguna Madre, Texas 1997 PhD Dunton
Kellogg, Dean L. Prey defenses and predator learning in the Nudibranchia 1980 MA Barth
Khosh, Matthew S. Seasonal dynamics of organic matter and inorganic nitrogen in surface waters of Alaskan Arctic streams and rivers 2015 PhD McClelland
Kilada, Raouf William S. Biological and ecological studies on the giant clam, Tridacna maxima (Bivalvia: Tridacnidae) in the northern Red Sea 1995 PhD*


Kim, Il Nam Ocean biogeochemistry in the northern Gulf of Mexico, the East/Japan Sea, and the South Pacific with a focus on denitrification 2012 PhD Min

Kinsey, Julie W.

Response of benthic macrofauna to freshwater inflow in the Lavaca-Colorado Estuary, Texas, USA 2006 MS Montagna
Klesch, William L.  The reproductive biology of a coastal nereid polychaete, Laeonereis culveri (Webster) 1970 MA Nicol
Klesch, William L. Studies on the hypothalamo-pituitary-interrenal axis of the elasmobranch fish, Dasyatis sabina 1973 PhD Sage
Kline, Richard J. Hormonal correlates of coloration and sexual change in the hermaphroditic grouper, Epinephelus adscensionis 2010 PhD Holt, Khan
Kloth, Thomas C. Size-related metabolic responses of the pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides, to grouping, salinity variations, and sublethal petrochemical pollution 1970 MA Wohlschlag
Knapke, Ellen M. Influence of the Mississippi River plume on diazotroph distributions in the northern Gulf of Mexico during summer 2011 2012 MS Villareal
Kopecky, Andrea L. Drift macroalgal abundance and distribution in relationship to biological indicators in two seagrass dominated Texas estuarine systems 2004 MS Dunton
Kuban, Francis D. Protein conversion efficiencies of mysis and postlarval Penaeus stylirostris (Stimpson) fed the flagellate lsochrysis sp. and Artemia nauplii 1981 MA Roels
Kucera, Charlotte J. Effects of parental spawning salinity on eggs and larvae of spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) 2001 MS Holt
Lacson, John Michael P. Comparative analyses of genetic variation among Caribbean populations of six coral reef fishes 1990 PhD Forrest
LaFleur, Gary J. Evidence for a role of Na+, K+ -ATPase in oocyte hydration in a marine teleost, Micropogonias undulatus 1989 MS* Thomas
Laidley, Charles W. Studies on the plasma sex-steroid binding protein in the spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) 1995 PhD Hubbs and Thomas
Lane, Edwin D. The biology of the midshipman Porichthys porosissimus (Valenciennes) on the Texas coast around Port Aransas 1966 PhD Hubbs
Lanzotti, Mark J. Sublethal effects of hydrocarbon production on harpacticoid copepods in the Gulf of Mexico outer continental slope 1995 MA  
Lashaway, Aubrey R. Water quality and eukaryotic plankton dynamics in the Mission-Aransas Estuary, Texas from 2011-2012 2013 MS Erdner
Lazo, Juan Pablo Development of the digestive system in red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) larvae 1999 PhD Arnold
Lee, Byung Don Osmotic and ionic concentrations in the mantis shrimp Squilla empusa say 1960 MA McFarland
Lee, Kun-seop Abundance, production and carbon dynamics of the seagrass, Thalassia testudinum in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas 1995 MA Dunton
Lee, Kun-seop Nitrogen budget of the seagrass Thalassia testudinum in the western Glf of Mexico 1998 PhD Dunton
Leo, Richard F. The geochemistry of fatty acids in recent marine sediments 1966 MA Parker
LeRoy, Kimberly D. Alterations in thyroid hormone status in Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) exposed to Aroclor 1254 and selected PCG congeners 2006 MS Khan
Little, Frank J. An experimental or tentative revision of the genus Cliona utilizing the principles of numerical taxonomy 1963 PhD Briggs
Litwin, Michael S. Studies on the thyroid physiology of the Atlantic stingray, Dasyatis sabina (Elasmobranchii) 1974 MA Sage
Liu, Qiyuan Solar radiation-enhanced dissolution (Photodissolution) of particulate organic matter in Texas estuaries 2013 MS Shank
Longley, William L. Respiratory metabolism, growth, and energy utilization of the hermit crab, Clibanarius vittatus 1976 PhD Wohlschlag
Loomis, Anna K. Characterization of a nuclear estrogen receptor in the testis of Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) and effects of estrogen on testicular steroidogenesis 1998 MA Thomas
Ludt, William B. The effects of sea level fluctuations on coral reef fishes : genetic differences between outer reef and lagoon inhabiting wrasses (genus Halichoeres) 2011 MS Walther
Lytle, Thomas F. The biogeochemistry of trace metals in the near shore environment 1971 PhD Parker
McCoy, Patricia E. Oxygen consumption and ammonia excretion of the clam, Tapes japonica (Deshayes) 1979 MA Roels
McDonnell, Tracy A. Growth and feeding behavior of an unclassified heterotrophic dinoflagellate species 1998 MA  
MacIntyre, Hugh L. Primary production by microphytobenthos in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas 1988 MA Fowler
Maciolek, Nancy J. The tapetum lucidum of Cynoscion, with notes on other teleosts 1971 MA Nicol
Macko, Stephen A. Stable nitrogen isotope ratios as tracers of organic geochemical processes 1981 PhD Parker
McTigue, Nathan D. Trophodynamics of the benthic food webs in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, Alaska 2013 PhD Dunton
Madden, Kiersten M. Foraging behavior of free-ranging Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddelli [sic]) in the Antarctic fast-ice environment 2007 PhD Fuiman
Mannino, Antonio Effects of freshwater inflow and sediment characteristics on small scale spatial variation of macrobenthic community structure in Nueces Bay 1994 MA Montagna
Marler, James E. Studies on the single cell growth of the blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans 1965 MA Van Baalen
Martin, Summer R. An assessment of seagrass and tidal flat recovery from anthropogenic physical disturbance events along the Padre Island National Seashore 2006 MS Dunton
Mathews, Carmen L. Effects of the maturation-inducing steroid on LH secretion and the GnRH system at different stages of the gonadal cycle in the Atlantic croaker, Micropogonias undulatus 2001 MS Thomas
Matthews, Geoffrey A. A study of the zooplankton assemblage of San Antonio Bay, Texas, and of the effects of river inflow on the composition and the persistence of this assemblage 1980 PhD* Park
Maurer, Larry G. The geochemistry of vitamin B12 1968 MA Parker
Maurer, Larry G. The near-shore distribution and macromolecular contents of the dissolved organic matter of Texas estuarine and Gulf of Mexico waters 1971 PhD Parker
Miller, Harlan L. Photosynthetic response of Scandinavian kelp forests to stratospheric ozone depletion 2002 PhD Dunton
Miller, John M. A trawl survey of the shallow gulf fishes near Port Aransas, Texas 1964 MA Briggs
Mohan, John Linking fish migration and hypoxia exposure to trophic ecology using natural chemical tags 2015 PhD Walther
Mohanty, Somabha Female maturity and the outcome of mating encounters in Octopus bimaculoides 2008 MS Fuiman
Montalvo, Avier J. Sex determination in southern flounder, Paralichthys lethostigma from the Texas Gulf Coast and implications of climage change 2010 MS Holt
Mooney, Rae F. Watershed export events and ecosystem responses in the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve 2009 MS McClelland
Moore, Richard H. Seasonal and diurnal variations in the metabolism of the Atlantic Midshipman, Porichthys porosissimus 1970 MS Wohlschlag
Moore, Richard H. Age, growth, respiration, and general ecology of the mullets Mugil cephalus and Mugil cerema on the south Texas coast 1973 PhD Wohlschlag
Morehead, Sally Assessment of anthropogenic impacts on the marine communities at McMurdo Station, Antarctica 2001 MS Montagna
Morgan, Joseph C. Studies on the diatoms of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico : identification, distribution, and cultural studies 1975 MA Van Baalen
Moseley, Frank N. Biology of te red snapper, Lutjanus aya Bloch of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico 1965 MA Briggs
Muhlstein, Harris I. Nutrient source effects on growth rate-irradiance relationships in the Texas brown tide Aureoumbra iagunensis 2006 MS Villareal
Nakayama, Shinnosuke Intraspecific competition among early life stages and the optimal spawning strategy of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) 2009


Narro, Martha L. Oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons by marine cyanobacteria 1985


Nessmith, Cora Natural and induced revegetation processes in an artificially disturbed seagrass meadow in Texas 1980 MA Oppenheimer
Neufeld, Douglas S. Changes in calcium and water regulation during the moult of blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) acclimated to low salinity 1992 PhD Cameron
Newman, Juanita W. Quaternary deep sea sediments from the Gulf of Mexico: an organic geochemical study 1973 PhD Parker
Nims, Megan K. Low salinity habitat use patterns of southern flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma) on the Texas Gulf Coast 2012 MS Walther
Noel, Megan L. The effect of stress on steroidogenic gene transcription in the Atlantic stingray (Dasyatis sabina) brain 2006 MS Nunez
Nordquist, Ronald W. Origin, development, and facies of a young hurricane washover fan on southern St. Joseph Island, central Texas Coast 1972 MA Scott
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