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Celebrating the Life


Special Titles - In Memory Of

The following titles were selected and purchased for the Marine Science Library, given in memory of the special friends of The University of Texas Marine Science Institute.

In Memory of ...

Decherd, Jonathan Jr., son of Dr. Jonathan and Holly Decherd, Austin, TX.

Halioua, Maurizio, Owner-Chef of the Venetian Hot Plate Restaurant, Port Aransas, TX, friend of Mary Abell, Austin, TX.

Holmgreen, John C., Sr., former member of the Marine Science Advisory Council.

Parker, Patrick L., Professor Emeritus.

Powell, Gary L., (1947-2013). Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, Ichthyology & Aquatic Ecology, under Dr. Clark Hubbs.

Wickham, Andrea Rene ("Andi"), The Animal Rehabilitation Keep (ARK), The University of Texas Marine Science Institute.

Wohlschlag, Donald E. "Curly," Professor Emeritus.