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Dr. E. J. Lund, the first director of the Marine Science Institute, collected materials in marine science, which formed the basis of the institute's library, during 1946-47. With nearly 50,000 volumes in foreign and domestic titles, the library's collection currently supports the curriculum of the Department of Marine Science in the College of Natural Sciences. The library also serves the research unit of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas.

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The library is a primary source for marine-related information in the state and in the Gulf of Mexico. It houses several Texas state publications relating to fisheries and water resources.

Subject disciplines covered include: fish physiology and ecology; biogeochemistry; ecosystem dynamics; marine relative to botany, chemistry, geology, microbiology, toxicology; aquaculture and mariculture; biological and physical oceanography; reproductive physiology of marine animals and endocrinology.

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