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Marine Science Library
The University of Texas at Austin, Marine Science Institute
750 Channel View Drive
Port Aransas, TX 78373-5015, USA

Office location: 2.252D Library
Campus mail code: T2500

(361) 749-3094, 3095


The Marine Science Library, located at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, is a branch of the UT Libraries. It supports the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Department of Marine Science and the research programs of the Marine Science Institute. The library is a primary source for marine-related information in the state and the Gulf coast region.

Information for the Marine Science Institute:

The Marine Science Institute has gone through several name changes throughout the years.
•1941: formally established as the Institute of Marine Science
•1968: changed name to Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas
•1975: became Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, was joined with Galveston Geophysical Laboratory and placed under an umbrella organization called the Marine Science Institute. Both laboratories were affiliated with the Dept. of Marine Studies at the main UT Austin campus
•1981: Institute for Geophysics was established and incorporated Galveston Geophysical Lab. Port Aransas facility once again became the sole location of the university's Marine Science Institute.

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