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China 1:250,000

Series L500, U.S. Army Map Service, 1954-

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NH49-4 NH51-14 NH51-10 NH51-6 NH51-2 NI51-15 NJ51-10 NG51-5 NG51-1 NH51-13 NH51-9 NH51-5 NH51-1 NI51-13 NI51-9 NI51-5 NJ51-13 NJ51-9 NG50-16 NG50-12 NG50-8 NG50-4 NH50-16 NH50-12 NH50-8 NH50-4 NI50-16 NI50-12 NI50-8 NI50-4 NJ50-16 NJ50-12 NJ50-4 NF50-3 NG50-15 NG50-11 NG50-7 NG50-3 NH50-15 NG50-11 NH50-7 NH50-3 NI50-15 NI50-11 NI50-7 NF50-6 NF50-2 NG50-14 NG50-10 NG50-6 NG50-2 NH50-14 NH50-10 NI50-3 NJ50-15 NJ50-11 NJ50-7 NJ50-3 NH50-6 NH50-2 NI50-14 NI50-10 NI50-6 NI50-2 NJ50-14 NJ50-10 NJ50-6 NJ50-2 NL50-11 NL50-8 NF50-5 NF50-1 NG50-13 NG50-9 NG50-5 NG50-1 NH50-13 NH50-9 NH50-5 NH50-1 NI50-13 NI50-9 NI50-5 NI50-1 NJ50-13 NJ50-9 NJ50-5 NJ50-1 NK50-10 NK50-4 NK50-1 NL50-10 NF49-12 NF49-8 NF49-4 NG49-16 NG49-12 NG49-8 NG49-4 NH49-16 NH49-12 NH49-8 NH49-4 NI49-16 NI49-12 NI49-8 NI49-4 NJ49-16 NJ49-12 NJ48-8 NJ49-4 NK49-12 NK49-9 NK49-6 NK49-3 NF49-11 NF49-7 NF49-3 NF49-15 NG49-11 NG49-7 NG49-3 NH49-15 NH49-11 NH49-7 NH49-3 NI49-15 NI49-11 NI49-7 NI49-3 NJ49-15 NJ49-11 NJ49-7 NJ49-3 NE49-6 NE49-2 NF49-14 NF49-10 NF49-6 NF49-2 NG49-14 NG49-10 NG49-6 NG49-2 NH49-14 NH49-10 NH49-6 NH49-2 NI49-14 NI49-10 NI49-6 NI49-2 NJ49-14 NJ49-10 NJ49-6 NJ49-2 NK49-11 NK49-8 NK49-5 NE49-5 NE49-1 NF49-9 NF49-5 NF49-1 NG49-13 NG49-9 NG49-5 NG49-1 NH49-13 NH49-9 NH49-5 NH49-1 NI49-13 NI49-9 NI49-5 NI49-1 NJ49-1 NK49-10 NK49-7 NF48-4 NG48-16 NG48-12 NG48-8 NG48-4 NH48-16 NH48-12 NH48-8 NI48-16 NI48-12 NI48-8 NI48-4 NG48-15 NG48-11 NG48-7 NG48-3 NH48-15 NH48-11 NH48-7 NI48-11 NI48-7 NI48-3 NH48-3 NH48-2 NH48-6 NH48-5 NH48-9 NH48-10 NH48-14 NG48-2 NG48-6 NG48-10 NG48-14 NF48-1 NG48-13 NG48-9 NG48-5 NG48-1 NG47-4 NG47-8 NG47-12 NG47-16 NF47-4 NH44-7 NH44-12 NH45-14 NH45-16 NH46-13 NH46-14 NH46-12 NH47-9 NH47-13 NG47-2 NG47-6 NG47-10 NG47-14 NF47-7 NF47-3 NG47-15 NG47-11 NG47-7 NG47-3

inset maps from reverse side of above sheets

click for full sized image

NF49-4: Kuan-Chou (Canton)

NF49-8: Macau

NF50-2: Shan-T'ou (Swatow)

NF50-5: Victoria And Kowloon

NF50-8: Fu-Chou (Foochow)

NG50-15: Hsia-Men (Amoy)

NH48-6: Ch'eng-Tu, China

NH49-16: Ch'ang Sha

NH50-5: Han-K'ou (Hankow)

NH50-14: Nan-Ch'ang

NH51-1: Shang-Hai (Shanghai)

NH-51-5: Hang-Chou (Hangchow)

NH51-10: Yin-Hsien (Ningpo)

NI50-5: K'ai-Feng

NI50-16: Nan-Ching (Nanking) China

NJ-49-12: T'ai-Yüan (Yangkü), China

NJ50-2: Pei-P'ing (Peiping)

NJ50-3: T'ien-Ching (Tientsin)

NJ50-14: Chin-Nan (Tsinan)

NJ51-9: Yen-T'ai (Chefoo)

NJ51-13: Chiao-Hsien (Kiaohsien)

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