Perennial or annual herbs to 1.4 m high. Leaves simple to deeply incised. Flowers mostly arranged in terminal spikes, less often axillary among the upper leaves. Calyx saccate, 5-lobed. Corollas white, bluish-white to pinkish, the upper lip much reduced and deeply notched, the lower lips 3-lobed and spreading. Stamens 4, 2 long and 2 short, exserted. Nutlets minutely roughened.

The generic name is derived from an ancient Greek name Teucrium  (according to Fernald, 1950, Gray's Man. Bot.) which was used by Dioscorides for some related plant.


McClintock, E. and C. Epling. 1946. A revision of Teucrium  in the New World, with observations on its variation, geographical distribution and history. Brittonia 5: 491-510. 1946.

Marin, P. et al. 1994. Nutlet sculpturing of selected Teucrium  species (Lamiaceae): a character of taxonomic significance. Pl. Syst. Evol. 192: 199-214.

A mainly herbaceous genus of approximately 300 species (Marin et al. 1994), primarily occurring in the temperate zones of both hemispheres.

Key to Texas Genera & Species Descriptions

Images of Texas Species of Teucrium

Both images for each species are the same. The smaller images (approximately 670k) will load faster; the larger images (approximately 7.5M) are available for more detailed review but take longer to load.

T. canadense
canadense 664k
canadense 7.38M
T. coahuilanum
coahuilanum 668k
coahuilanum 7.43M
T. cubense
cubense 661k
cubense 7.35M
T. depressum
depressum 681k
depressum 7.57M
T. laciniatum
laciniatum 665k
laciniatum 7.39M

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